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Bowman announces intent to retire


Enterprise staff

CORRIGAN —The Corrigan Camden ISD (CCISD) held its regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 14 with a board meeting room overflowing with students and parents who were in attendance to see their children receive awards. The children had participated in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academic competition and they were there to receive recognition and their medals. Each student received a medal in a blue box that they will surely cherish throughout school. These activities prepare them for scholastic activities in the same way that sports prepare students for physical success, the board and the audience applauded and gave a big thanks to the teachers who worked and prepared the students for the competition. The board voted to accept the offer for three acres of land in the Dikes Survey which is land-locked and the offer has been made by a person who owns the contingent property. The update of local policy 95 passed on third reading and becomes part of the C-CISD manual. The board considered a resolution to suspend portions of Education Initiative Local for 2012-13, this was done last year and needs to be done yearly, the Legislature has bills in consideration to eliminate these tests, and also several to revise or do away with other tests that have not been as effective as initially expected, also there have been concerns raised about the amount of funds paid to one corporation which develops and furnishes testing material. The Superintendent and the Board and faculty are monitoring these issues. The Resolution passed. Sherry Hughes, Curriculum Director, presented and passed out, copies of an article from educate for texas Word press.com Titled A PTA Mom's Guide to Texas School Finance: A Cliff-notes Version for Busy Parents; for members and others to read; it is available at their website under that heading. Superintendent Tom Bowman reviewed the financial reports with the board. He said there may be a problem in August, the state has indicated it may send state money down in October rather than August, since that is the end of the fiscal year money may be tight, but if CCISD continues to be frugal everything should work out. Attendance is at 950 students, about 75 over the state estimated number and that should also increase the amount of the payment in October – or August if state funds are more available better than first anticipated. Campus technology continues to improve and grow by leaps and bounds. Susan Torrez reported that CCISD is now a Google Apps District, all employees, students and after approval tonight, the board members, will all have a CCISD Net email address. The Information Technology Department (IT) received over 100 computer from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) salvage pool which needed only to be cloned with CCISD operating system – a freeware program, eliminating the need for purchasing high cost proprietary office suites – before being put into service, this work has been done using students who are paid a nominal rate to perform work after school. Jared Torrez worked with Steve Smith, with Computerland and installed a cache system on one of the free computers to help speed up the system, cache captures the images downloaded and when those sites are accessed aging the images are already on the server negating the need for long download times. They have also installed Italc system which allows the teacher to see every students computer screen from their computer, all routers were reconfigured with new passwords. The new website is up and running, some minor problems occurred and you must enter the new URL to access the new site – the old one does not re-direct at this time – CCISD.COM and CISD. NET are the new operating sites. The department has salvaged 40 computers and laptops that were taken from storage shown as "dead" and also upgraded more than 250 of the computers throughout the districts computer labs. Bowman reported that the Available School Funds are available, but not for the proposed bus purchases, however the new roof on the AG building will qualify, with that settled they can now firm up estimates for the re-roofing. The board entered into executive session to evaluate the superintendent position. During the closed portion of the meeting, Bowman told the board that he plans to retire effective Aug. 31, 2013, and that he has enjoyed his years at CCISD. This notice will allow the board to advertise and interview for the position and an orderly transition in August. The board returned to regular session and adjourned


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