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LISD raises pay for substitute teachers



The Livingston Independent School District assembled Monday to approve a new daily rate for substitute teachers and discuss possible changes in the district's drug testing program. The council approved an increase in pay for the district's substitute teachers. Livingston paid less than Goodrich and Onalaska ISD last year, with daily salaries for substitute teachers at $60 for those with GED or high school diploma, $65 for those with a bachelor's degree and $80 for certified teachers. The new salaries will be $70 for those with GED or high school diploma, $80 for those with a bachelor's degree and $100 for certified teachers. "With regard to the high school diploma (applicants) being in the long-term sub position, generally speaking, we try to avoid that," Superintendent Darrell Myers said. "We try to either get a degreed person or especially a certified teacher to do that for us and we've been pretty successful at accomplishing that. We really don't want – in that position - someone that is not degreed if we can at all possibly avoid it." Long-term substitutes get a bit more per day, as teachers with a bachelor's degree receive $110 per day and certified teachers will receive $160 per day. The board also approved new security cameras and equipment for the transportation department. The school district currently has 11 infrared cameras with a DVR that holds the capacity for 16 cameras at the bus barn. The board unanimously approved the purchase an additional DVR and 13 cameras for approximately $15,000 in security equipment. The Transportation Bus Riders Handbook, Administrative Calendar, Employee Handbook and Transportation Department Policy/Procedure Manual were all approved for the 2013-2014 School Year. The drug testing policy will be voted upon next week, when amendments such as nicotine and alcohol testing, adding additional tests and length of suspensions will all be decided. Last year, there were 293 junior high and 520 high school students eligible for drug testing. Of those 328 were student drivers. Of the 813 eligible, 699 were drug tested. Thirty-six were found to have drugs in their system, 23 positive tests and 13 with trace amounts. Tests are given nine times throughout the school year. Fifty high school students and 25 at the junior high level are randomly selected per test. Livingston ISD has the most stringent drug testing in the area; they are the only that test for nicotine and one of few that tests for alcohol, in addition to banned substances. Students testing positive are subject to testing for the next nine drug tests. Suspension is for 10 days, while a second offense carries a 20-day suspension. One year is the suspension if a third test is failed.


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