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Witnesses tell story of alleged sexual assault at house party



(Editor's note: The alleged victim was given a pseudonym at the hospital, will be identified as Joyce Doe in this story. It is Polk County Enterprise policy not to identify victims of sexual assault. Her sister, who also gave eyewitness testimony, will be identified as Janice Doe to protect the identity of the victim.) LIVINGSTON — It seemed harmless enough when the participants were making plans. Some college friends were going to celebrate the end of the school year. Their younger siblings were excited to be allowed to tag along to their first party with college kids. But, by the end of the night, one of the guests at the party in the 800 block of Liberty Ave. would be undergoing a sexual assault exam and another would be in custody at the Polk County Jail. The 20-year-old victim (who was 17 at the time of the incident) was the first to take the stand in the 411th District Court with Judge Visiting Judge David Wilson once the jury was seated Monday morning. Phil Grant, Montgomery County First Assistant District Attorney, was appointed as special prosecutor for the case since both of Polk County District Attorney Lee Hon's children were witnesses to the alleged incident. It also occurred at the home of Hon's ex-wife, Nancy Greer. Janice Doe had just finished her sophomore year at University of Mississippi and headed to Livingston to attend a party at the home of her friend Caroline Hon, who had finished her freshman year at Ole Miss. Janice then she planned to spend the rest of the weekend with her college roommate in Livingston. Her younger sister Joyce was still a high school student in Huntsville and was bringing along her best friend. Joyce remembers nothing about the sex act that Kevin L. Wilson of Livingston is accused of committing with her. Joyce's sister and others at the party testified that she seemed to suddenly become so intoxicated, that they decided to move her away from the other guests for her own safety. They first moved Janice to a couch in the living room. Each of the residents of the house said it was unusual for anyone who attended gatherings at the Greer residence to come inside the house, since there was a restroom outside near the pool. But, about 30 minutes later, Will and Caroline Hon and Janice Doe decided to move Joyce upstairs. So, Caroline and Janice each slung one of the unconscious girl's arms over their shoulders, walked her up the stairs and put her on the couch in the game room. The game room was where R.J. Austin stayed when he was not attending college. Each member of the Greer/Hon household explained that Austin was practically a member of the family and stayed at the house for about a year. Kevin Wilson was also a frequent guest. His mother and Nancy Greer had taught together for most of their careers. Kevin Wilson and Will Hon had known each other most of their lives. Austin testified that he had been a classmate of Kevin's older brother throughout his career at Livingston ISD. So, Kevin's arrival at the party on May 28 was not a surprise and he was not unwelcomed, each of the witnesses testified. Caroline Hon testified Tuesday that she invited about 10 people to her house for the party on May 28, 2010 and her younger brother Will Hon, still a student at Livingston High School, had invited friends. She expected 30 or 40 would show up to hangout around the pool and deck area that night. Caroline said it wasn't unusual for some of the guests to bring alcoholic beverages to her house, though they were under the legal drinking age. Caroline and her brother Will said their mother, Nancy Greer, (who is a pre- K teacher for Livingston Independent School District) was aware some of their friends would be drinking at the party. Sometime around 9 p.m., the gathering evolved from a small gathering of friends inside the house— where the group of girls admit to drinking in Caroline's room — to a larger party outside around the pool area. Although recollections vary three years after the event, sometime around 11 p.m., guests began to notice Joyce was having trouble carrying on a conversation. Witness accounts vary from she was brought inside or came inside of her own accord and passed out on the couch before being carried upstairs. R.J. Austin later went upstairs to the room where he normally stayed to get his wallet and keys to go out for a hamburger and noticed Joyce was unconscious on the couch, still fully dressed. She did not respond to noise made at the time. Austin was gone for approximately 15 minutes, but when he returned, the door was locked. He told Janice immediately, because he thought it unusual that Joyce would wake up and lock the door, being so deeply unconscious a few minutes before. Janice went to get Nancy Greer who was sitting on the balcony off her bedroom where she said she could observe the party going on downstairs. Greer retrieved a straw from Caroline's bathroom, popped the lock on the door to the game room. She immediately saw the defendant on top of the victim with his pants around his ankles. Greer testified that she immediately shouted at Wilson, "What are you doing?" Wilson raised up and began trying to pull his bluejean shorts up. The victim's sister, who was right behind Greer, immediately began screaming and crying, which brought Austin running up the stairs. Janice began hitting Wilson, but Greer intervened. Wilson ran down the stairs past Caroline Hon. Wilson was stopped on the property by Will Hon and Kristopher and Sean Ellis, according to testimony by Will Hon. Sgt. Darrell Newman arrived at the Greer residence and took Wilson into custody for attempted sexual assault. Det. Ken Bohnert began taking statements from the witnesses, but based on testimony given Monday and early Tuesday, many of the witnesses' recollections had changed over the three years since the incident. In response to questions from defense attorney Jim Keegan, none of the party guests could remember seeing any conversation between the defendant and the alleged victim. The victim's friend testified that she spoke with Kevin Wilson and she now feels guilty about it. She believes he brought up the topic of relationships. During the conversation she — under the influence of alcohol — divulged that her friend was "passed out drunk" upstairs inside the house. After the victim went to Memorial Medical Center- Livingston where a forensic examination was conducted to collect evidence and provide any necessary preventive treatment. A laboratory technician testified that the victim's blood alcohol level as of 4:11 a.m. was still 0.11, which is above the legal limit of 0.08 that officers deem intoxicated when driving. Witnesses testified that she her behavior appeared to be affected for much of the following day. The victim testified that she has little clear recollection of the events after the first couple hours of the party. Attorneys were expected to finish presenting evidence Wednesday.


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