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SPCA facing major budget crisis


LIVINGSTON -- Animal dumping, below normal adoptions, seasonally low contributions and high medical bills during the months of June and July are being credited for pushed the SPCA of Polk County to the brink of insolvency. According to SPCA Executive Director Carl Feren, the local group had an $8,500 budget shortfall in June, which effectively wiped out its financial reserved. The volunteer organization maintains the only animal shelter in Polk County. On July 11, the SPCA's director of finance issued a statement to the SPCA members: "As of today, we have $3,851.66 in the two bank accounts. Have about $580 from the resale shop to deposit for a total of $4,431.66. Bills to pay by 7/17 total $1,855.82. Also have vet bills which are due upon receipt totaling $1,233.30. Total of both is $3,089.12. That leaves about $1,342.00 of which $1,000 may be needed for kennel help pay this Friday". Feren said that since June 1, some of the things which have caused the shortfall include the cost to treat a box of eight puppies that arrived with parvo, disrupting normal operations, and requiring additional decontamination; two dogs that had to be treated for blunt force trauma; treatment for several dogs that arrived with severe flea allergies; surgery for a German shepherd in foster care that ate four Omaha steak kabobs, complete with skewers; and the 26 cats and kittens that were dumped over the holidays, two of which were pregnant and delivered within 48 hours after arrival. "The list goes on and on," Feren said. "Unfortunately, since the county shelter closed eight years ago, the SPCA of Polk County is the only shelter in a radius of over 40 miles. "Ladies and gentlemen, the cupboard is bare and if the SPCA is going to continue to provide housing, food, shelter and medical care to animals in its care until they are adopted it needs to replenish its coffers," Feren said. Those who would like to help are asked to call the SPCA of Polk County at 936- 327-7722, go online at www. spcaofpolkcounty.org, send a check to P.O. Box 1403 in Livingston or visit its offices at 802 S. Houston Ave in Livingston.


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