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Machete attack lands Livingston man in jail

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LIVINGSTON – A 62-yearold Livingston man is in Polk County Jail following a machete assault incident on Tuesday evening. Frank Andrew Dolezal was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor resisting arrest following the incident. At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 6, Livingston Police Department officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Liberty Ave. in response to a call regarding an assault in progress, according to the LPD. While the officers were en route to the location, police dispatchers received information identifying the suspect as Frank Andrew Dolezal, along with information that Dolezal was wielding a machete. When the first LPD officer arrived on the scene, he observed Dolezal walking in the middle of Liberty Ave., and he appeared to be bleeding profusely. He then noticed a second subject in a wheelchair, a man who yelled to the officers that Dolezal had tried to kill him with the machete. Dolezal continued walking toward the officer with objects in his hands that were unclear to the officer, and the officer repeatedly ordered him to stop and comply with commands, which the suspect reportedly refused. The officer then deployed his Taser, which had little effect on the suspect. Backup LPD personnel arrived at the location and were able to gain control of Dolezal without injury to themselves or the suspect. When the officers conducted an investigation of the incident, they received information alleging Dolezal approached homeowners on the street with the machete. According to eyewitness reports from two neighbors, Dolezal attempted to strike the homeowners several times. The witness said they observed him swinging the machete at the homeowners, and went to provide assistance. When the neighbors attempted to speak to Dolezal, he became aggressive toward them and attacked them with the machete. The neighbors were able to defend themselves and take possession of the machete, and in the scuffle, Dolezal sustained a laceration under his left arm. When officers arrived, he had already lost a large amount of blood. Officers administered basic first aid, and discovered more injuries to Dolezal. Americare EMS arrived and a paramedic told the officers that the first aid administered on the scene likely saved Dolezal's life. Dolezal was transported to Livingston CHI St. Luke's Health-Memorial hospital in Livingston where he was treated and later released into custody. He was transported to the county jail, where he was held on the assault and resisting arrest charges. Dolezal also received a criminal trespass warning.


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