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Stories Added - July 3, 2007 - July 10, 2007
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Letters to the Editor
Polk County Enterprise, July 2007

Honor guard needs reinforcements
Polk County Enterprise, June 24, 2007
To the editor:

VFW Post 8568 is offering a deal none of you veterans can pass up. We will induct you into our ranks, if you qualify for membership, and let all of you who can pass muster into our honor guard.
We are proud to a fault of our distinguished honor guard. We see to it that any deceased veteran in Polk County whose family requests military honors, and we are not committed somewhere else, receives the military honors they are entitled to. Myself and the other members of our honor guard take great pride in what we do.
I do hope some of you will read this message and join up. We need some reinforcements post haste to continue with this vital community service.
Thank you for your attention. God bless the United States of America.

Hank Edenfield, commander
Richard L. Amos, quartermaster
VFW Post 8568

Amnesty the wrong move
Polk County Enterprise, June 28, 2007
To the editor:

All Americans need to flood the president, senators, congressmen and Gov. Rick Perry with phone calls, letters and e-mails to vote against amnesty for the Mexicans.
If we give amnesty to the Mexicans they will have to give amnesty to every person who comes in from other countries, as well as those already here.
I understand the farmers need workers, but they need to be legal. They should be able to get a work permit or something to allow them to come over here to work. If the employers were fined, as well as the illegals, they would be more apt to be able to get something legal for them to work.
Our families that came over here for a better life from other countries, the first thing they had to do was learn English then start studying to become a citizen. I know by daddy had to do this.
So why should the Mexicans be any different?
If you live in America you should speak English. If you don’t want to do that, then go back to the country that speaks your language.
If you go to Mexico you either have to speak Spanish or have an interpreter.
Thank you for letting me let off steam.
We are blessed by God for our freedom and we have to keep praying and fighting to keep it.
We do serve an awesome God. We need to pray for all our leaders of our country.

Melba Bear

Child missing puppy
Polk County Enterprise, June 28, 2007
To the editor:

To begin with, I just want to say whoever took my son’s dog on Saturday can live with themselves. Saturday, while my son was eating and his puppy was waiting to come in and eat, someone took her out of our yard.
Why do people take things that don’t belong to them? This puppy belonged to a 5-year-old child. She’s only 3 months old and never left the yard. My son comes up to me all day and says, “Mommy, where’s my puppy?” What do you tell a child?
Her name is Sugar. She’s light brown all over and has a brown nose and light-colored eyes, and she was taken from Shelter Lane. I just wanted the person who took this puppy, hurt my son deeply, and I hope they are happy with themselves.

C. Bolton







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