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LVFD gets 800 calls during Ike
Polk County Enterprise - September 2008

LIVINGSTON – The Livingston Volunteer Fire Department fi elded more than 800 calls in the fi rst seven days after Hurricane Ike between their dispatcher and the phones at the station house, said Fire Chief Corky Cochran. Of those 800 calls taken, about 93 of them were typical fi re calls to which the deparment could respond, the rest were from people looking for directions for who to call or where to go for specifi c needs.

Many of the calls were from people seeking food, water and ice within hours of the hurricane leaving the Polk County area, despite pleas from city and county offi cials to stock up prior to the storm. And the calls didn’t just come to the Livingston Fire Department but to volunteer fi re departments around the county. Firefi ghters in all areas of the county went to work immediately after they were told that the winds had died down suffi ciently to begin search and rescue operations.


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