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LPD reports only minor disturbances during storm
Polk County Enterprise - September 2008
by James Baugh
Staff Reporter

LIVINGSTON – The Livingston Police Department received only minimal calls during and after Hurricane Ike and had no reports of theft or burglary within the city limits, according to Lt. Matt Parrish. Parrish reported that other than minor disturbances that were quickly brought under control things went very smoothly. Parrish praised members of the Texas Department of Public Safety and Fish and Wildlife Department for their assistance in keeping tempers from flaring in the long lines at several gas stations.

Even with no street or traffic lights there were only two minor crashes during the period following Ike. Employees with the police department put in around 700 hours of overtime from Sept. 11 through the 18th when the department returned to normal operations. “We had a good plan in place and we activated it as soon as the state did.

Our guys were rolling all the time, on U.S. 190 during the day and into the neighborhoods in the evenings, working power shifts with seven to eight officers per shift day and night. They worked hard and were committed and dedicated, like everyone I’ve seen from the city or the county,” said Parrish.s are gone our job is to figure out the next best option.”


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