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Stories Added - June 11, 2007 - June 25, 2007
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Oklahoma fugitive nabbed at downtown business
Polk County Enterprise, June 2007

 LIVINGSTON -- Livingston police and the U.S. Marshal's Office arrested an employee of a computer repair business in the 100 block of West Church at about 10 a.m. Wednesday who had been wanted for rape and forcible sodomy charges in Oklahoma since 1996.

Vincent A. Ledoux, 49, remains in custody at the Polk County jail pending extradition to Cherokee County, Okla.

He has been living in Livingston for three years or more using the alias Eli Wolf.

Oklahoma officials said he is charged with sodomy of a child and first degree rape in connection with repeated sexual contact with his stepdaughter, who was 13 at the time the charges were filed.

Investigator Becky Thompson said case files show Ledoux confessed to an Oklahoma investigator, the Department of Human Services and to a judge, but claimed the repeated incidents were not his fault.

A preliminary hearing was held after his confession, but he later jumped bail and disappeared, Thompson said.

"Even his sister wrote a letter pleading that he not be put in prison because he's such a good person and it's not his fault," Thompson said.

But Thompson added letters from the victim to Oklahoma officials are far more compelling.

"She wrote the district attorney in 2000 begging them to find him," Thompson said.

Ledoux was featured on the May 26 episode of America's Most Wanted and a tip from a viewer led U.S. Marshals to "Eli Wolf".

Marshals out of Beaumont spoke with Livingston Police Officer Ken Bohnert Wednesday morning and notified him they were checking on a tip that their suspect Ledoux was in Livingston, according to Bohnert.

"Then they called back and said it was him," Bohnert said. "They were parked a block away and asked for assistance."

According to the information aired on American's Most Wanted, the charges stem from allegations of several incidents of sexual abuse reported by the suspect's two stepdaughters who were 11 and 15 when the incidents began.

Thompson said she is continuing to review extensive case files, but officials involved in the original investigation only mentioned one victim in reports.

"The victim's mother left him when she read the victim's diary and learned of the ongoing incidents," Thompson said.

"Child predators frequently blame the victim because the predator sees the victim as an adult and capable of a relationship," Thompson said.

That skewed viewpoint plays a factor in their tendency to reoffend, she added.







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