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Stories Added - August 26, 2007 - September 2, 2007
Copyright 2007 - Polk County Publishing Company

Jasperson Makes Historic Swim
Polk County Enterprise, August 2007

LIVINGSTON – A 10-year-old Livingston girl, Cassidy Jasperson, tested her endurance as a swimmer in a trek across Lake Livingston early Tuesday morning. Jasperson and her father, Bruce, of Lufkin, swam nearly five miles from Indian Hills to Patrick's Landing on the San Jacinto County side of the U.S. 190 bridge.
Although she's been swimming since she was about three, Jasperson has never had swimming lessons and only started training for this swim three months ago. Jasperson trains about an hour a day with her father at Livewell Athletic Club in Lufkin, building her strength by treading water with weights.
In the middle of July Cassidy made a two-and-a-half mile trial run across Lake Sam Rayburn to see if she was up to the rigors of open water swimming since she'd only ever swum in pools before. After that success, Jasperson's father encouraged her to make the journey across Lake Livingston.
“I was a little worried,” said Kim Lusk, Jasperson's mom and Livingston resident, “but the volunteer fire department went along to make sure everything was okay.” Kevin White and Johnny Moseley with the Scenic Loop Volunteer Fire Department Search and Rescue team followed the two swimmers by boat.
“I did fine, it was my dad who's hamstring started cramping,” said Jasperson, all smiles as she recounted her father's struggle to finish. “We could see all the people standing on the shore but I just wanted him to finish too,” she said.
The two tread water for about five minutes while Bruce recuperated before making the final mile of the swim.
“It was everything I could do to finish,” said Bruce by phone after the swim, “if Cassidy hadn't been there I would have been in tears.” The elder Jasperson finished not long after his daughter.
It took the two Jaspersons about four hours and 25 minutes to complete the trip which, according to Bruce Jasperson, may have set a new state record.
“I was told that the current record for a 10-year-old was three-and-a-half miles by a girl out of Conroe, but I'm still trying to confirm that,” said Jasperson.
Record or not, swimming five miles is pretty darn impressive for a little girl who, “just likes to swim.”








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