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Three fire departments battle Segno pasture fire Thursday

Polk County Enterprise - February 2008

LIVINGSTON —Officials with the Texas Forest Service say the threat of wild fires will remain extremely large into next week, at a minimum, and likely will continue into the spring.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour combined with relatively humidity in the teens and single digits at time, making the fire danger critical, according to a statement issued by TFS Friday.

“We are positioning personnel and equipment around the state in areas we believe to have the highest potential for wildland fires,” said Mark Stanford, chief of fire operations for TFS. “We have ordered aircraft, firefighters and equipment from across the national to meet this increased threat.”

Gov. Rick Perry activated Texas military forces helicopters that will aid in fire suppression along with several helicopters from Louisiana.

Critical areas will shift as cold fronts pass with areas from Dallas/Fort Worth to Lubbock to El Paso to Midland/Odessa being of concern on Monday. The fire danger will shift south on
Tuesday to an area from Brownsville to San Antonio and the Houston-Galveston area.

“We are in this pattern for the long haul,” Sanford said. “Until the grasses begin to green up around April, the risk of fire danger remains critical.”

Citizens are urged to be extremely cautious during this period.
• If at all possible, avoid outdoor burning, even if using a barrel covered by a screen.
• Vehicles can start a fire if parked or driven on dry grass. ATVs and farm equipment can also start fires.
• Store all flammable liquids properly.
• Remove dry vegetation from under electric fences.
• When grillingh, place your barbecue over cement; be sure coals are dead out when you’re through. Douse them thoroughly with water.


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