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Consultants to unveil LISD bond plans on Tuesday

Polk County Enterprise - February 2008

LIVINGSTON — Trustees for the Livingston Independent School District will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5 to discuss a facility improvements plan and potential bond program with architects, construction manager and financial advisor.

At the board’s January meeting trustees voted unanimously to pursue construction of a new high school to combat overcrowding on most district campuses.

“This conclusion was reached following a process that has been in the works of over three years, and though many possibilities were addressed, the board found that a new high school will provide the most efficient economic and lasting result for our local families,” LISD officials said in a statement released Wednesday.

Initial, rough project estimates were placed at $60 million during recent meetings. Once details are finalized, LISD trustees will call for an election in May.

”We have been very encouraged by the great number of people who are excited about doing something to give our kids opportunities and who want to see something done,” said Bea Ellis, School Board President, “I feel assured that as we move along in this process we will be able to put together a strong proposal that will address all of the concerns and hopes that these parents and community members are sharing.” 

The next phase of the project will entail the board meeting with architects and financial advisors to determine what is the most economically sound way to proceed and will likely follow with the board calling for a bond proposal during the Feb. 18 meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Darrell Myers says that this time around voters will have no trouble getting all the facts about what is at stake and what is being proposed. 

“We are going to put everything on the table and make our proposal as clear and simple to understand as we can get it,” Myers said. “It is our goal to get the facts to as many people as we can and let the voters make a clear decision about the direction they want to head in the future.” 

During evaluation of previous bond elections that failed to earn adequate support from voters, many taxpayers said they were unclear about what construction plans were.

Following the Feb. 18 meeting of the school board, Myers is planning to start getting the details out through press , community meetings and the district website. “

Even though we still have some details to iron out,” Myers said, “We are going to have information, ideas and specifics to share when we call for a bond. I want to know at the end of this process that we met with everyone eager to learn, and answered every question our voters can provide.”

In the meantime,  Board President Ellis says “Now is the time to let us hear your voice, let us know the questions we need to address as we work together to give our kids the best chance at success. ”


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