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Alabama Coushatta film being launched
Polk County Enterprise - February 2008

ALABAMA-COUSHATTA INDIAN RESERVATION — A docudrama on the role the Alabama-Coushatta tribe of Texas has played in Texas history is in the development stages, tribal officials announced this week.

The tribe is laying groundwork on a film that features their role in major Texas historical events such as the Runaway Scrape as well as sending troops in every military conflict since the 1830s.

“The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe has a great story to tell and people are interested in knowing more about it,” says Jo Ann Battise, Tribal Council Chairperson.  “Most Texans don’t understand the role we had in shaping Texas history.”

The purpose of this film will be to motivate interest in the Tribe, as well as correct  inaccuracies in recorded history.  The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe looks at this project as a stepping stone into other areas, such as a museum, which will continue to educate the public about the tribe.   This film will also play an important part in preserving a lasting legacy that future generations can appreciate and enjoy.

Tribal council member Carlos Bullock said the film project is totally tribe-driven.

“This will involve the tribe in every aspect,” Bullock said. “This is not someone else saying ‘this is your story, let’s make it a movie.’”

Bullock added that as the East Texas community grows, there are more and more people who don’t recognize the history of the Tribe and its role in the area history.

“This is something that will last and is a stepping stone to other projects to preserve our story in our own voice,” he said.

First National Bank and Church Street Financial of Livingston were the first to step forward and assist the tribe with a donation for development of the film project. 


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