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LISD to vote on bond election Monday night
Polk County Enterprise - February 2008

LIVINGSTON — Trustees for the Livingston Independent School District will consider and possibly approve a resolution to establish the district’s intent to issue bonds – if approved by voters at a May 10 election – during the board’s meeting Monday night.

If approved, the bonds could be issued in more than one series so as not to exceed a projected tax rate increase and take advantage of financial assistance from the State of Texas and future growth in the local tax base.

The board will consider whether to call the bond election jointly with the selection of board positions set to expire in May.

Expiring terms include those of board president Bea Ellis, Ben R. Ogletree III and Jeff
Galloway. Ogletree has voiced his intent to The Enterprise that he will seek another term, but had not completed paperwork officially filing his candidacy as of Friday afternoon.

Following a closed executive session, the board will reconvene in open session Monday to vote on matters discussed in the closed session, which may include approval  of the purchase of real property, according to the agenda posted Friday.

The board is also set to discuss other future high school facility information and should set the total amount of the bond project being proposed. A cost estimate by architect Kevin Smith presented at a special meeting earlier this month listed $50,511,238 in construction costs if the building was under construction today.

Inflation in the costs of those construction materials is currently running 1 percent per month, so anticipated costs will increase to $56,572,586.  With the industry standard 6 percent, professional fees for architectural and engineering services will put the total cost near $60 million.

Trustees and county officials are expected to approve resolutions to hold joint elections with the City of Livingston using county-owned electronic voting equipment.


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