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LVFD putting finishing touches on Pumper 21
Polk County Enterprise - March 2008

LIVINGSTON – Livingston Fire Chief Corky Cochran was excited to announce the inauguration of the new Engine 21 this week in memory of Pete Peebles, a former fi reman who served the department for 63 years – from 1939 until his death. The new truck pumps 1,250 gallons a minute with a new dual foam system which, although it increased the cost of the engine, will lower insurance rates for the department, according to Cochran.

“That is the ultimate goal of the fi re department – to continue to do things that come back to benefi t us by lowering insurance rates,” said Cochran. This is third new truck in 25 years and is an all purpose engine which can respond in or out of the city including vehicle or structure fi res or hazardous materials incidents.

“Engine 21 can respond to any type of emergency and has a tremendous amount of equipment to meet any crisis we might encounter,” said Cochran. The new truck houses air packs, a variety of hoses, fire suppression appliances, smoke fans and a set of jaws rescue tools for when the regular rescue truck is not available. The truck has a lighting package that is designed to light up an emergency scene and meets all of the National Fire Training Agencies regulations.

The base price for the truck was approximately $275,000 with an additional $40,000 worth of options. The department received a grant of $108,000 from the Texas Forest Service. The remaining balance was paid for with contributions and with the help of the City of Livingston that covered about two-thirds of the remaining cost.

Cochran was quick to respond to questions about the naming of the engine, given the recent death of the department’s long-time dispatcher Mildred Duncan. “We won’t forget Miss Mildred in the future. We had already committed to the name of this engine before.


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