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Deputies seeking clues in armed robbery in Goodrich
Polk County Enterprise - March 2008

GOODRICH — Investigators at the Polk County Sheriff’s Offi ce are looking for a suspect in the armed robbery at the Mobil station on U.S. 59 South near Goodrich that occurred at about 12:45 a.m. Friday morning, Polk County Crime Stoppers coordinator Phillip Waller said. The suspect is described as being a white male in his early 20s with a shaved head and chin stubble. He was wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans.

The suspect entered the store and asked the clerk for a pack of cigarettes then jumped the counter and pulled out a 9 mm pistol. He took the money from the register and fl ed into a wooded area near the store. Law enforcement offi cers set up a perimeter that included the area around the bowling alley but were unable to locate him. Anyone with information about this felony crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (936) 327-STOP. Rewards will be paid on information that leads to the arrest and grand jury indictment of the person involved in this or any other felony offense.

Waller added that Polk County Crime Stoppers has implemented a new answering system for members of the public that may have information to help solve crimes in the area. Crime Stoppers is contracting with a service in Canada that specializes in obtaining as much information as possible from confi dential informants. “When you call the local number you are transferred to them, they are more effi cient and help assure people that they are anonymous and can take much more accurate information,” Waller said.

We switched to them on March 3, Waller added, and received the fi rst tip on March 5 and are already seeing great results. PCSO is also looking for information about the theft of a 18-wheeler 2003 Mack white tractor and black trailer. The suspects cut the lock on the fence and took the truck and trailer. The theft occurred sometime on March 1. It was recovered by Houston Police Thursday evening but a suspect has not been identifi ed.


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