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County gets $244K block grant for sewer project
Polk County Enterprise - April 2008
LIVINGSTON — The Office of Rural Community Affairs (ORCA), a state agency, presented an oversized, ceremonial check to the Polk County, which representing the proceeds of a $244,000 grant from the agency’s Texas Community Development Block Grant program to assist the Memorial Point Utility District with a sewer improvement project for the Shelter Cove Subdivision. “The agency is pleased to assist Polk County with this project,” said Charles S. (Charlie) Stone, ORCA’s Executive Director. “This grant comes from ORCA’s Texas CDBG program, the largest such program in the nation and a vital resource for rural communities with limited funding options for infrastructure.”

Bill Hoppe, ORCA staff, presented the check to the county April 1 in the office of Polk County Judge John P. Thompson, located at 101 W. Church Street in Livingston. ORCA administers the Texas CDBG program and is dedicated to helping rural Texans strengthen their communities by providing financial and other support for local basic public facilities and infrastructure needs, industries, services and households. For the 2008 funding cycle ORCA received $71,779,088 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the administration of the Texas Community Development Block Grant nonentitlement program. In fiscal year 2007, ORCA received $73,611,737 for this program.

Every year, HUD provides federal Community Development Block Grant funds to states, which, in turn, provide the funds to small, rural cities with populations less than 50,000, and to counties that have a nonmetropolitan population under 200,000 and are not eligible for direct funding from HUD. The rural-focused Texas CDBG program serves approximately 1,017 eligible rural communities, 245 rural counties, and provides services to over 375,000 low- to moderate-income beneficiaries each year. Of the 1,017 cities eligible for Texas CDBG funds, 740 have a population of less than 3,000 and 424 have a population of less than 1,000. The demographics and rural characteristics of Texas have shaped a program that focuses on providing basic human needs and sanitary infrastructure to small rural communities


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