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Elgin Davis joins race for city council seat
Polk County Enterprise - April 2008
LIVINGSTON — Former longtime school board trustee Elgin Davis has announced his bid for one of the two aldermen positions up for election May 10. “Be wise in your choosing. Vote for someone who believes everyone is somebody and will fairly represent the community from all generations and nationalities,” Davis said. • 1963 graduate of Dunbar High school. • 1972 graduate of Common Wealth School of Science. • Voted as Outstanding graduate of Livingston Independent School District in 1996. • Served on the Livingston Independent School District Board of Trustees more than 20 years. • Active member of the East Texas Council of Government since 1972. • Served as 2nd Vice President of the Deep East Texas Council of Government in 1991 and 1997 and served as 2005 3rd Vice President. • Nominee for the Governor’s Humanitarian award in 1991. • Served the U.S.A. and completed one tour of duty in Vietnam. His gallantry in action earned him four Purple Heart citations, the Silver Star, and the Army Commendation Medal. • Numerous awards from churches, civic clubs, and community action groups for outstanding service. • Organizer/Coach for the district’s Little Dribblers league, Youth Baseball club, and other sporting events for young kids. • Honor of being a leader in 4-H and receiving the 4-H Gold Star. Honor of being a Boy Scout and also a Boy Scout leader. • Founder of Dunbar Alumni Sports Hall of Fame. • President of the Committee to Save Dunbar complex and has been instrumental in preserving the site of Dunbar High school as a Texas Historical landmark.

Davis said his love for his family, church, and fellow man has made him worthy to be a role model for his community, county, state, and nation.


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