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Stories Added - Sunday, May 11, 2008
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LISD voters say ‘yes’ to $64 million bond issue
Polk County Enterprise - May 2008
LIVINGSTON — Voters in the Livingston Independent School District approved the $64 million with 1,154 voting for to 791 against the construction of a new high school facility. The bond referendum took a lead with 746 for and 459 against with early vote totals. Changes in curriculum standards, population growth, safety issues and concerns about the single access road at the existing high school campus make building a new high school the best option to solve each of those issues, according to Livingston ISD officials.

The resolution calling for the election seeks voter approval to issue and sell bonds in the principal amount of $64 million for the purpose of constructing, renovating, acquiring and equipping school facilities. The proposition allows the board of trustees to issue an initial series of bonds of about $55 million and a second series of about $9 million to ensure the combined debt service tax rate should not exceed 31 cents over the current debt service rate.


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