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Stories Added - Thursday, May 15, 2008
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Lufkin, Conroe centers will get state grant in 2008-09
Polk County Enterprise - May 2008
State Representative John Otto received notification this week that both Tri-County MHMR (Conroe) and the Burke Center (Lufkin) received matching grants from the State Department of Health for the operation of Mental Health Crisis Intervention Centers. These grants, to be funded during the 2008 and 2009 fiscal years, mean that all of House District 18 (Liberty, Polk and Montgomery Counties) will have access to the mental health services to be provided by these centers. Each center will provide about 15 beds in a residential setting for evaluation and treatment of mental illness.

“This means that law enforcement can now bring individuals that are in need of a mental health evaluation to the centers instead of housing them in jails or waiting at hospitals until such evaluations can be performed. “I congratulate the staff and leadership of Tri-County MHMR and the Burke Center for the quality of their applications, and their ability to bring communities together to support this new approach,” Otto said.


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