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A look back through 1948 Tomahawk annual
Groveton Times

By Jo Ann Anderson Beken
GHS Class of 1971

I hope this new year finds you healthy and enjoying the prospects of another Spring. I trust that the ice storm did not affect you too negatively. Our weather in two thousand seventeen and the beginning of 2018 has certainly been one for the record books. Let us hope that the remainder of this year is much quieter! This year will be "Big Homecoming" at GHS. I will let you know the date of the homecoming game when that is established later this semester. Be thinking of those you would like to nominate for our Ex-Students Hall of Fame. We will announce later in the spring when we will be taking nominations. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of our Groveton graduates who have passed away in the past few months. I will be reviewing the Tomahawk of 1948 and highlighting the seniors who graduated 70 years ago. The country was continuing to recover from World War II with Harry S. Truman as our president. The governor of Texas was Beauford H. Jester. He was the 36th Governor of Texas, serving from 1947 until 1949, when he died of a heart attack aboard a train. He is the only Texas governor ever to have died in office. Famous people born in 1948 include Al Gore, Clarence Thomas, Ted Nugent, and Samuel L. Jackson. The annual staff of 1948 was composed of Editor-in-Chief, Tiny Gates, Assistant Editor, Betty Jo Anderson, Business Manager, Gene Taylor, Snapshot Editors, Mary Beth Daniel and Maydelle Collins, Art Directors, Zelma Nichols, Nellene Parker and Dorothy Dunaway, Make-Up Editors, Virginia Sanders and Bobbie Anderson, Sports Editors, Irene Collins, Martha Dial, and Johnny Williams, Advertising Editors, Martha Jo Davis and Carolyn Barton, Literary Editors, Teressa Martin and Margurette Dossey, Social Editors, Geraldine Dogen, Nina Faye Suggs, and Pictures, Gloria Dominey. Sponsors were Mrs.Berry, Miss Hinson, and Miss Sams. The 1948 Tomahawk was dedicated to Mrs. Jimmie Bradley. It read "Because of the inspiration, the boundless efforts, the service rendered in numerous capacities, and the sincere desire for the welfare of the student body, we honor Mrs. Jimmie Bradley, who is beloved by all." Frank E. White was the superintendent, E. S. Starkey was the principal of the high school, Gay Burrows was principal of the Junior High, and James O. Hardy was the principal of the grammar school. A. W. Midgley was the Business Manager and Doris Rushing was the secretary. Harry Uthoff was the coach, Melanie James was the band director and history teacher, and Blanche Hinson was the homemaking teacher. Jimmie Bradley taught mathematics, Thelma Rosser Terry taught business administration, Oran Standley was the Agriculture teacher, and Letisha Jones taught English. W. K. Compton taught English and Sybil Berry taught Science, and Birdie L. Payne was the 7th grade teacher as well as Jean Gordon. Billie Taylor taught 3rd grade, Ida Jones, 6th grade, Mary Rushing was the librarian and Velma Courtney was the secretary. Norma Dawson taught 5th grade, Norma Haswell, 5th grade, Hazel Reagan, 4th grade, Enda Mae Dean, 3rd grade, Juanita Compton, and Irene Keeland, 2nd grade, Genevieve Collins, 1st grade, and Majorie Womack, 1st grade. Also pictured was the teacher of the children in the Friday community, Christene Hammond. A picture of the students was also included in the other group pictures of the various grades. Mr. Starkey, the principal of the high school, wrote this in the Tomahawk of 1948: "Groveton High School cannot be described in a few words. Her friendships are estimated in deeds. We remember friendly deeds as a rule rather than the exception. Her influence has been like the warmth of the sunshine and her presence is evidenced like the change of the season, quiet and unobstrusive. She will continue to live in the hearts of the youth who pass her way. She will always stand as a bulwark of democracy." I thought this was profound and I do believe that Mr. Starkey had great foresight, 70 years ago. The influence of the experiences of our high school days can never be measured. I am grateful for all of the teachers, classmates, and activities that enriched my life. Forty-three seniors were pictured with their class sponsors, Jimmie Bradley, Vera Sams, and Blanche Hinson. Class officers were Zane Martin, president, Harold Dudley, vice-president, Maydell Collins, secretary, and Mary Beth Daniel, treasurer. Mary Etta Mangum was the reporter. Additional seniors were Bobbie Jean Anderson, Eloise Anderson, Carolyn Barton, Billy Browning, Irene Collins, James Courtney, Inez Darsey, Martha Davis, Margurette Dossey, James Dukes, Dorothy Dunaway, James Evans, Tiny Gates, Bertha Gimon, Morris James, Teresa Martin, Vera Millstid, Vernon Lister, Vernon Loftin, Zelma Nichols, Delia Nellene Parker, Richard Mills, Virginia Sanders, Billie Jean Skidmore, Billy Joe Newman, Eunice Skidmore, Evelyn Stubblefield, Guy Roy Odom, Donald Parker, Gene Taylor, Maurine Thompson, George Stubblefield, Archie Warren, Lorraine Townsend, Dorothy Vermillion, Johnny Williams, Doyle Wright, and Louise Williams. Senior Favorites were Irene Collins and Johnny Williams. Junior Favorites were Vera McClendon and Edgar West, Sophomore Favorites were Julie Ann Warner and Douglas Hager, and Freshmen Favorites were Dorothy Lee Brooks and David Smith. Halloween Royalty was Queen Irene Collins and King, Guy Odom. Duchess to the Trinity Neches County Fair was Gene Taylor and her escort was Ralph Davis. Who's Who were seniors, Zane Martin and Mary Beth Daniel, Juniors, Cecil Willis and Geraldine Dodgen, Sophomores, Lloyd Burr and Beatrice Butler, and Freshmen, Donald Willis and Imogene Deaton. Organizations included the Press Club, the Science Club the G Club, Choral Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Hobby Club, Manners Club*, Story Club, Travel Club, FHA, FFA, Library Staff, girl's volleyball team, pep squad, National Thespian Society Troupe No. 787, and band. Band officers were Mary Beth Daniel, Drum Major, Irene Collins, Field Lt. Maydelle Collins, Managaer, Burness Hall, State Manager, Geri Dodgen, Librarian. Boys sports included football and basketball. There were 2 pages of candid photos with hand-written captions that were added. *How important a "Manners Club" would be for all of us in this day and time! There were 22 pages of ads, all handwritten and/or drawn promoting A. L. Hester Motor Company, Ben DeLafosse's Cleaners, The Grove Café, First National Bank, Chevrolet, Robb Motor Company, Roy Brannen Grocery, Groveton Manufacturing Company, Novel Adler Station, King's City Café, Biscamp Funeral Home, W. Chapman, Collins-Padgett Tractor Co., Creasy's, Perry Brothers, Hooks and Collins, Groveton Florists, Trinity County Abstract, Sinclair, Mobil Gas, Collins Drug, Daniel and Beard Grocery, The Grove Shoe Shop, Bill's Grill, Grove Hotel, Kendrick's Blacksmith, The Dwire Bros., Groveton Insurance, The Grove Theater, and Magnolia Service Station, owned by W. B. Due, Jr. Groveton was a bustling place in 1948 with a variety of businesses to serve their patrons. It will soon be time for us to consider scholarship applications! Please make sure you watch for timelines from the Ex-Students' Association so seniors and current college students can participate in the application process. We look forward to awarding scholarship funds to our Groveton students to enable them to pursue their goals. Next month, I will review the Tomahawk of 1958. I hope you have a great 2018!


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