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Less pricks from a needle
Big Thicket Messenger - August 2008

If one hasn’t personally had the painful experience of a nurse, doctor or attendant searching for a vein to draw blood or insert an IV, and as a result having to prick the skin numerous times, he or she certainly knows someone who has. Whatever the reason, whether the poker is inexperienced of the patient has small veins, it is uncomfortable for the patient who is prodded repeatedly with the needle and bruises from the treatment. If they are a blood donor, it may discourage them from donating again; if they are a hospital patient, they last thing they need is pain and complications unrelated to their illness.

An innovative product, called the  Portable Hemo Pathfinder  will eliminate the guesswork involved in finding a suitable vein for drawing blood or an IV. It guarantees that the healthcare worker locates the vein on the first try, eliminating the painful search for the proper area and speeding up surgery preparations. In addition, with less pricks from the needle, blood banks may receive more donations. The Portable Hemo Pathfinder includes a unique feature that makes it incredibly convenient to transport and use throughout a hospital wing, clinic, or doctor’s office. It offers ease of operation for workers, and unique comfort features for the patient or donor. The Portable Hemo Pathfinder will surely find the niche in the healthcare field, by improving an imprecise method in order to reduce an individual’s pain.

The inventor, Sheryl Williams from Houston, began developing the Portable Hemo Pathfinder in 2002. Mrs. Williams was emphatic to the pain and bruises her husband experienced while undergoing various surgeries and enduring numerous IVs and blood extractions, because the nurses could not locate his veins. Her compassion stretched to all who were subjected to such an experience, and motivated her to create this needed product.

This original idea is now made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the medical products  industry. Mrs. Williams is hoping to have the Portable Hemo Pathfinder in full production and available to the public in the very near future.

Additional information about the Portable Hemo Pathfinder may be obtained by contacting the Publicity-Press Department of Invent-Tech at (800) 940-9020, extension 285 or at productionatinvent-tech.com. Invent-Tech is a Coral Gables, Florida-based firm that is handling the publicity and public relations for the Portable Hemo Pathfinder.






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