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School Academic Ratings
Big Thicket Messenger - August 2008

The 2007-2008 school year TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) results are in and Texas schools have received their accountability ratings from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Among schools in Liberty County, only Dayton has one that has received an “Exemplary” rating, that being Nottingham Middle School.
Dayton Independent School District Greg Hayman states, “we are extremely proud of our students, teachers, and in the way our curriculum department did a super job working with staff development, which was needed to make this happen. “Also, having our strong special education in house, working jointly with our administrative team has really been helpful.”
The superintendent also praised the support of his technology department and made note that as accountability lines have moved higher and higher the kids at Dayton ISD are rising to the occasion.
Two other Dayton ISD campuses, Stephen F. Austin and E.R. Richter Elementary School both received “Recognized” ratings while the remaining campuses, Kimmie M. Brown, Woodrow Wilson Jr. High, Dayton High School and the Dayton Alternative Education Center all received “Academically Acceptable” ratings.
“We actually came very close to being a ‘recognized’ school district, Hayman added.
Dr. Bill Chandler, Dayton ISD Assistant Superintendent with regards to curriculum, also had some comments on the overall ratings.
“As we improve across the district, we feel we’ll be a recognized and then an exemplary school district,” Chandler states. “Our teachers, administrators, and students are all working hard to do that. We also want to thank Tim Hoey, principal of Nottingham Middle School on that campus’ “exemplary” rating as well as our principals across the district.”
Other Liberty County Schools showed the following results.
Liberty Independent School District had all five campuses rated as “Accountability Acceptable”.  
Hardin’s junior high, intermediate and elementary campuses received “Academically Acceptable” ratings, while the Hardin High School was rated “Academically Unacceptable.”
Hull-Daisetta Independent School District’s Elementary, along with the junior high and high school received “Academically Acceptable” ratings.
Devers ISD’s elementary school was a “Recognized” campus, while the junior high was “Acceptable.”
Cleveland ISD campuses, the high school, middle school and all three elementary schools received “Academically Acceptable” ratings.
Tarkington primary school was a “Recognized” campus, while the high school, intermediate and middle school campuses were all rated “Academically Acceptable.” 
In Livingston (Polk County) all five schools garnered positive ratings Timbercreek Elementary received an “Exemplary” rating while Pine Ridge Elementary received a “Recognized” rating. The other three schools were all found to be “Accountability Acceptable.”
Shepherd Independent School District (San Jacinto County) also received a passing grade at “Academically Acceptable.”
For more information or to see a local schools’ ratings, log onto the Texas Education Agency’s website at www.tea.state.tx.us or call the TEY at (512) 463-9734.




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