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Sales Tax Holiday
Big Thicket Messenger - August 2008

The date for the annual Texas sales tax holiday, in which Texas shoppers get a break from sales and local sales taxes is set for August 15, 16 and 17.
Lay-away plans can be used again this year to take advantage of the sales tax holiday.
The law exempts most clothing and footwear priced under $100 from sales and use taxes, which could save shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend.
Backpacks under $100 and used for elementary and secondary students are also exempt. A backpack is a pack with straps one wears on the back. The exemption during the sales tax holiday includes backpacks with wheels, provided they can also be worn on the back, like a traditional backpack, and messenger bags.
The exemption does not include items that are reasonably defined as luggage, briefcases, athletic/duffle/gym bags, computer bags, purses or framed backpacks Ten or fewer backpacks can be purchased tax-free at one time without providing an exemption certificate to the seller.
A word of caution, if you sell items that do not qualify for the exemption, you may not advertise or promise that you will not collect sales tax o items that do not qualify. You may advertise that tax is included in the sales price of the taxable items that you sell, however.
For information on how to report tax on these sales, please visit Reporting Sales Tax on Tax-Free items or call us toll free at (800) 252-5555.

Among the tax-free items on the list for the August event include baby clothes, backpacks for use by elementary and secondary students, belts with attached buckles, both cowboy and hiking boots, baseball, fishing, golf and knitted caps/hats, coats and wraps, adult and baby diapers, dresses, most gloves, gym suits and uniforms, hooded shirts and hooded sweatshirts, hosiery, jackets, jeans, baseball and football jerseys, jogging apparel, neckwear and ties, pajamas, pants and trousers, raincoats and ponchos, robes, shirts, shoes, including sandals, slippers, sneakers, tennis and walking, socks (including athletic), shorts, suits, slacks and jackets, sweat shirts, sweat suits, sweaters, swimsuits,  underclothes, work clothes and uniforms.
Taxed items will include accessories (generally) – barrettes, elastic ponytail holders, wallets, watches, backpacks unless for use by elementary and secondary students, baseball clothes and pants, belt buckles (without belt), boots – climbing, fishing, rubber work boots, ski and waders, buttons and zippers, cloth and lace, knitting yarns and other fabrics, dry cleaning services, football pants, golf gloves, handbags and purses, handkerchiefs, hard hats, helmets – bike, baseball, football, hockey, motorcycle, sports, ice skates, jewelry, laundering services, leather goods – except belts with buckles and wearing apparel, pads – football, hockey, soccer, elbow, knee, shoulder, personal flotation devices, rented clothing (including uniforms, formal wear, and costumes), roller blades and skates, safety clothing, glasses and shoes – bicycle (cleated), bowling and golf.







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