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Stories Added - July 2008
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New book allows one to uncover the mystery behind your dreams
Big Thicket Messenger - July 2008

Ever wonder what hidden truths lie waiting to be uncovered from the mysterious world of our hopes and dreams? What is it we’re meant to do with these seemingly random gems of wisdom we are given?
Get the answers you may be seeking in author Sade Diva’s book, Activate Your Dreams.
“There’s nothing random about the things we imagine and hope for!” says Diya. “We all possess the ability to recognize our life’s dreams, and make them a reality. Activate Your Dreams is a tool. I’m merely a messenger showing others how to harness their innate gifts. I light the way, and my reward is being there – or imagining being there – when the light comes on, and someone suddenly realizes that they can do it!”
Motivating people has always been a crucial part of what makes Diya tick. In grade five, she inspired a classmate to confess all in a Valentine’s Day card. Today, she’s an international motivational speaker and life and business coach who reveals her secrets in, Activate Your Dreams, a book designed to help people uncover and achieve what lies hidden in their deeply cherished dreams and more importantly, to realize them in real life.
Diya believes that the key factor in motivating people is to help them understand that the dreams they have for their lives are not merely accidental. Activate Your Dreams shows readers how to identify their dreams, build upon them, and release the natural ability that lies within each of us to bring to life our deepest hopes.
“Each of us has a gem inside of us, a dream with the power and the potential to transform our lives,” says Diya. “We all have special gifts. But we live in a world intent on fostering the belief that only a few are born great, and the rest of us are merely here to watch others succeed. Nothing could be more misleading.”
Activate Your Dreams is written on the premise that our dreams are the gateway toward greatness. But many people are unaware of what their dreams are. Diya helps readers recognize their dreams by presenting different dream types, and showing how to identify and recognize their purpose – whether through simple inspiration, thoughts and ideas, or actual dreams or prophecies. When we are open and aware, notes Diya, everything is possible.
“If you’ve ever wished you could be doing something more relevant for a living, for example, something more in line with your personal beliefs and values, it’s there for the taking once you realize your path,” says Diya. “When you open your eyes and your heart, and learn to pay attention to what is really going on, you will suddenly realize what is intended for your life, and Diya helps to answer some of your questions. Many of us have questions such as to is every dream realizable? For anyone who’s interested in living, deliberately, and knowing what was intended for him or her. Activate Your Dreams is a great tool to help you on the road to success.
Activate Your Dreams is available to pre-order now, and will be in bookstores on October 30th. For more information on author Sade Diya visit www.ActivateyourDreams.org and http://www.transitiontosuccess.com/
About the Author
Sade Diya is a fresh voice in the publishing world. An international motivational speaker and sought after life and business coach, Diya is one of the new generation of young dynamic innovative and passionate Christian mentors who is working to guide men and women around the nation to their fullest potential. Diya works with church and business leaders to help them develop focus, and devise strategies for achieving their goals. A life transformation expert, she works around the world from her base in London, England.




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