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Staples approves projects
Big Thicket Messenger - July 2008

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples announced recently the approval of $250,000 for six Texas-Israel Exchange (TIE) Fund grants to support projects that will improve agricultural processes for both Texas and Israel.
“The Texas Israel Exchange Program has proven to be a successful partnership for both Texas and Israel,” Commissioner Staples said. “The need to research and implement new methods for improving the efficiency and affordability of agriculture has never been more critical than it is today. We must find innovative techniques that will benefit the consumer and the Texas producer, who helps put food on our table and clothes on our back.”
The TIE Fund is a bi-natural research partnership between Texas and Israel which promotes and supports all scientific activities related to agriculture, including productions, processing, marketing and agricultural services, with emphasis on the support of applied research to improve water, labor, and energy utilization in agriculture.
The recently approved grants will be used to fund projects aimed at improving fruit quality, reducing plant disease, mitigating drought stress in vegetables, and other activities that will benefit agriculture.
TDA accepted proposals that were submitted jointly by a Texas-based researcher and an Israel-based researcher. The submissions must have included the anticipated cooperative endeavors between both partners.
Visit www.tda.state.us for more details about the project themselves and the selection process.





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