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Cody Green
Big Thicket Messenger - June 2008

Despite missing almost his entire junior season with an injury to the ligaments in his ankle, Dayton four-star quarterback Cody Green has not seemingly lost any stock among college recruiters.
His doctors have cleared the 6-foot-4, 220 pound signal-caller for full contact but he has not had a chance to experience that just yet.
“We’re not really doing Spring ball,” said Green. “We’re doing off season and I’m doing everything at full speed but our coach chose to have us start earlier in the Fall instead of having Spring ball.”
Coaches have still been making their way out to the Southeast Texas school, however.
“Coach )Tom) Rossley from A&M came down here the other day and he also called me,” said Green. “He was basically just saying that I need to come visit them again. There have been a bunch of other coaches stop by as well. I’ve seen ones from pretty much every school that is recruiting me.”
Green has been to the Texas A&M campus several times over the past few months and recently made a visit to Stillwater to check in with Oklahoma State.
“I already made a trip to Oklahoma State,” he said. “I went up there about a month and a half ago. It was real cool. Their facilities are gonna be crazy. It’s like they have an unlimited budget or something.”
There are a few more places Green would like to visit before making a commitment.
“This Summer I’m planning to go to an Elite II Camp, probably the one in California,” he said. “Other than that, I’m gonna try to make it up to Nebraska and then to Mississippi State.”
The Cornhuskers are a relatively new program on the radar for Green, but he says they have made quite an impression.
“Nebraska has really been recruiting me pretty heavily,” he said. “They and A&M seem to be recruiting me the hardest right now. I like both programs but I’m still pretty open at this point.”
Green does not have a definite timetable set for a decision, but he does hope to make it sooner rather than later. He is planning to graduate in December and that has sped up the process a bit.
“By the beginning of the season,” said Green. “I don’t know, though, because the Nebraska coaches keep telling me how great the game day environment is up there, and I sort of want to see that. I don’t know for sure yet, but yeah, hopefully it will be done by the beginning of Fall. That way I can concentrate on my senior season and then get ready to make it to campus in January.”





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