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Stories Added - June 2008
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Hardin School Memorials
Big Thicket Messenger - June 2008

Hardin School would like to announce the following Hardin School Memorials.

In memory of Lance Corporal Jeremy Burris: US Marine Corp. Donated by Hardin Lions Club. Titles: Balto & The Great Race. Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Declaration of Independence, Spray, Magic Tree House, Jupiter and D is for Democracy.  

In memory of Charles Victery.  Donated by Tom and Jane Miksch. Title: Riptide

In memory of Arlice Rawlinson. Donated by Kevin Ladd. Title: Asian Texas; Donated by Hal and Laverne Ladd. Title: Mexican Texians.

In memory of Harvey Williamson. Donated by Lydia Hughes.  Title: Mississippi Mud; Donated by ‘Butch’ and Marian Warner. Title: Kitty Hawk Diaries; Donated by Hal and Laverne Ladd. Title: Bob Wills: Fiddle Legacy: Donated by Kevin Ladd. Title: Essential Texas: Fiddle Impressions; Donated by Bob and Ana Mae Veach. Title; James Madison.

In memory of Betty Jo Young. Donated by Kevin Ladd. Title: Miriam ‘Ma’ Ferguson;  Donated by Hal and LaVerne Ladd. Title: Bulbs for Warm Climate; Donated by Bob and Anna Mae Veach. Title: Film Maker; Donated by ‘Butch’ and Marlan Warner. Title: Santa Paws.

In memory of Johnny Melton, HHS Class of 1984. Donated by Barbara Barrow. Title: Mysterious Creatures. Donated by Lydia Hughes. Title: Along The Way. Donated by HHS Faculty. Title: Texas Almanac. Donated by Gary Estep Family. Title: Cowboy Country. Donated by Bob and Anna Mae Veach. Title: Sackett Companion.

For those wishing to make donations, send check to Hardin ISD, attention Anna Mae Veach, Librarian Coordinator.

In memory of James L. Davis. Donated by Kevin Ladd. Title: Indian Texans. Donated by Hal and Laverne Ladd. Title: African Texans.

In appreciation of those PARENTS who accompanies Hardin Junior High students on Field Trip to Ellen Trout Zoo – Wendy Bearden, Janice Hamilton, Naomi Lloyd,  Tammy S. Robinson, Diana Shaw, Sylvia Tristan, Rhonda Welch, Bridget Welch, Laura Yeo, Barbara Ferguson, Jessica Powell, Title: Marie Currie.

In appreciation of those PARENTS who accompanied Hardin Elementary Students on Field Trip to Children’s Museum Houston – Jeanie Campbell, Daniel Bergen, Kerry Fisher, Micelle Lloyd, Heather Smith, Penni Richardson, Richie and Amy Ewing, Tiffany Graham, Katherine Severs and Lisa Twardowski. Title: Mother Goose. Donated by Mary Lee Bartlett. Title: Vivian Stringer’s Standing Tall.

Kim Green Stephenson Scholarships were donated by Frank and Anne Green in memory of Johnny Melton, Juanita Seaberg, Betty Jo Young, Buck Higman and Kenneth Livingston.




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