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Cost of Marriage to increase
Big Thicket Messenger - September 2008

Do you have marriage in your future? House Bill 2685 passed during the 2007 legislative session goes into effect September 1 and adds another component into the marriage plans.

The new law increases the cost of a marriage license from $30 to $60. With all state and county fees, a current marriage license cost $37. The increase will raise this amount to $72 that includes a county archival fee.

Healthy Marriage Program in Texas is a statewide initiative offering premarital education to couples to waive the new increased fee.

The program allows couples to complete an eight-hour premarital education course to receive a certificate of completion that is good for one year.

The class is free and after completion of the class the cost of a marriage license will be ¨$12.

In a letter from Health and Human Service Commission project manager Bill Turner to County Clerk Delia Sellers, HHSC is responsible for providing regional premarital and healthy marriage education services, service delivery management with the community and faith-based organizations and provide registration as well as coordinating the program with the county clerk.

In support of the new legislation, the state funded Twogether in Texas program is intended to promote healthy marriages and stable homes.

The course addresses communication and conflict resolution skills and provides healthy marriage tools.

The program is aimed to curb the divorce rate and help in establishing stable homes for children.

Although the course targets couples with intentions to marry, married couples can benefit from the skills as well.




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