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Pay raises approved
Big Thicket Messenger - September 2008

The Liberty County Commissioners Court approved several pay raises including about $10,000 for the commissioners themselves, during its regular meeting Tuesday, August 12.

The new salaries are based on a study executed by Waters Consulting Group, which found that the Liberty County salaries were about 13% below market value. The Liberty County rates were compared to other surrounding counties, as well as counties of similar size around the state.

Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald stated, “the pay structure throughout the county needs to be addressed before we receive the economic development that’s coming. We don’t want to be substandard. We want these businesses to recognize that we value the people of this county as much as the surrounding counties.“

He continued stating that it was his goal to bring all employees up to their suggested salaries up to market value would take a few years.

 The County Budget will be not be impacted and the commissioners voted to keep the tax rate the same $0.56 per $100 of valuation.

Public hearings on the proposed rate are scheduled for August 26 at 8:30 a.m. and on September 9 at 8:30 a.m.

Other county officials who will receive near $10,000 raises include the Sheriff, County Clerk, District Clerk and the County Tax-Assessor/Collector, according to Fitzgerald.

The proposed increases would, if passed, raise the annual salary of the County Judge by $6,700, the Sheriff by $9,477, and the Commissioners by $9,885.

Additionally, the Constables would receive an annual travel allowance of $14,520 and the County Clerk by $3,960.








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