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Football game results
Big Thicket Messenger - September 2008

Zero week in Texas football begin in earnest on Friday, August 29, with most area teams pleased with the end results.

Hull-Daisetta Bobcats vs. Hardin Hornets

The Hardin Hornets took the eastern trek to fight with their long-time nemesis – the Hull-Daisetta Bobcats. According to reports, the Hornets have the potential that they need to be a factor in their district again this year, but on Friday the Bobcats proved to be the better team.

The  game begin with the Hornets kicking off to the Bobcats. The Bobcats begin their quest from the 33-yard line and after a 7-play, 68-yard drive, scored for the first time. Highlights of this drive included a 38-yard run by Aaron Cook. The extra point was good at the 9:10 mark of the first quarter.

On their first play of the game, the Hardin Hornets scored after a four-play 47-yard touchdown. The Hornets passed a few times and then Mitch Villemez scored on the final seven yards. The Hornets went for two but were unsuccessful. The clock read 7:10 in the first quarter. Score – Bobcats – 7, Hardin – 6.

The Bobcats took over at their own 19-yard line and were facing a 81-yard drive to paydirt. They took only five plays with Quarterback Aaron Cook throwing to De’Andre Fountain that resulted in a 43-yard touchdown. Again the kick was good. The clock read 1:21.

In the second quarter both teams showed they wanted to win with both scoring. Hardin ran a nine play, 51 yard run with scoring coming at the 10:43 mark. The Bobcats ended the scoring frenzy with their own score right before halftime covering 69 yards with nine different plays. Halftime score was Hull-Daisetta 21, Hornets 12.

The opening kick-off started with a Bobcat made contact with the ball, and the Hornets were sitting pretty at the Bobcat 37- yard line. John Stelly scored on the next play. The extra point was again no good.

At the 10:09 mark the Bobcats scored again after Cook ran a 47-yard touchdown. Their extra point was no good, leaving them with a leading score of 27-18.

The Hornets finished their final scoring of the night at the 9:00 minute mark of the third quarter where the score stood at Hull-Daisetta, 27 and Hardin, 24. The Hornets had another opportunity in the fourth quarter to win the game, however a pass was picked off by Corey Huckabay.

Both teams played excellent defense in the fourth quarter.

The East Liberty County football bragging rights go to the Hull-Daisetta Bobcats in 2008.

Hardin will face the Tarkington Longhorns while Hull-Daisetta will face Tenaha.

Dayton Broncos vs. Bay City Black Cats

The Number 3 State Ranked Dayton Broncos took the field on Friday night to help obtain Head Coach Jerry Stewart’s 100th win and also to do something they had never done before -  Beat Bay City.

The Broncos scored on their first drive as A.J. Dugat ran back the punt for a 35-yard gain. Quarterback Cody Green led the Broncos down the field and scored with a 11-yard pass to Dugat at the 8:46 mark, In a surprise decision, the Broncos decided to go for 2 and ran in the ball successful to give the Broncos their first score of the night.

The Black Cats went three and out again and then both teams  exchanged fumbles.

The Broncos next score came on the opening play of the second quarter.  The drive started on the Bay City 15 yard line A pass to Payton Plough from 15 yards out gave the Broncos the lead by a score of 14-0.

Bay City was determined to score and drove the ball 66 yards down the field. Letevin Wilcox capped their best drive of the night with a 20-yard run as several Broncos missed their tackle assignment. It was an 8-play drive for the Cats cutting the lead in half, 14-7.

The Broncos took the kick and immediately drove the ball and thanks to a clipping penalty the half-time score was Broncos, 21, Black Cats, 7. This drive was a variety of plays where Green threw the ball right on the money to Dugat with 1:38 left in the game.

The third quarter begin with Bay City kicking off to Dayton. The Broncos took the ball at their own 20 and run it to the 33. B.J. Jones (who had 3 carries for 43 yards in the first half) picked up additional yardage. Cody then threw the ball to Plough to open up the scoreboard for the Broncos with a 28-7 lead with 9:26 left in the third quarter.

The Black Cats put together another impressive drive that ended up with the ball going over on a 4th and 9 as their Quarterback overthrew the ball.

The Broncos took over at their own 35-yard line and after a swing pass and several running plays, the Broncos had to make their 2nd punt of the night.

After the Bay City Black Cats tired an assortment of plays to try to score again, but the Broncos held them again on a 4th and 6. The Broncos took over at the 36-yard line.

Dayton got their final score of the night with runs from B.J. Jones and several passes and at the 9:17 mark of the fourth quarter. Green threw a 22-yard pass to Plough to seal the deal. The extra point was good leaving the final score at 35-7.

Green ended the night with 23 of 31 passes completed, to the tune of 276 yards.

A.J. Dugat finished the game with 10 receptions for 117 yards and two scores.

B.J. Jones had 87 yards on 10 carries. Calvin Berrotte would finished the night with four carries and 76 yards.

Total offense for the Broncos for their first victory was 342 yards compared to 236 yards for Bay City.

The Broncos will face another nemesis next week as they travel to the Friendswood Mustangs field with a starting time of 7:00 p.m.

Liberty Panthers vs. Bridge City Cardinals

It was not the beginning new head football Deal wanted. However, the Panthers fought hard late into the game to try to capture his first win as the Panther head coach.

On the first kick-off the Panthers fumbled the football to give the Cardinals good scoring position at the 32-yard line. The Cardinals took the gift and senior running back Joe Robertson took a handoff and broke to his left, then cut back to the middle of the Panther secondary where he went all the way to score. The extra point was good and only 25 seconds were gone. The extra point was no good – leaving the Cardinals up 6-0.

Neither team scored again until the second quarter when the Cardinal quarterback Josh Lemoine tossed the ball to Grant Encalade. This time the kick was good and the Cardinals lead 13-0.

The Panthers got their first score with only 18 second left in the first half as a 12-play, 80 yard drive was accomplished leaving the score at halftime, Cardinals – 13, Panthers, 6. Jemarcus Glenn run through the Cardinals defense to score. The extra point was not good.

Although the Panthers committed many errors and had five turnovers on the night they scored another six points. The kick was not good again.

Bridge City scored again with a 54-yard run making the score, 19-12.

The Panthers made the game interesting as Glenn ran over the defense and scampered 67-yards to come within one point of the Cardinals. The Panthers went for two and lead by a score of 20-19.

However, the Cardinals marched right back down the field taking the lead for the night as they scored on a 14-yard pass at the 10:18 mark in the fourth quarter. Lemoine tossed a fourth down completion to Cory Mosely. The kick was not good.

The final score came at the 4:33 mark at Cardinal quarterback Lemoine threw a pass to Jerry Landry, which capped a 7-play, 50-yard drive making the final tally, 35-20.

The Liberty Panthers will play Hamshire-Fannett Longhorns in a 7:30 p.m. kick-off at Memorial War Stadium in Liberty. 

Other local scores included West Hardin Oilers getting their first win over the Warren Warriors by a score of 16-10. The Cleveland Indians also defeated the Hardin-Jefferson Hawks by a margin of 22-0. The Barbers Hill Eagles were defeated by the Port-Neches Groves Indians, 19-14. Magnolia defeated the Shepherd Pirates by a score of 28-14. The Tarkington Longhorn and Livingston Lions score were not available. The football schedules for all area football teams can be found on the Messengerfootball page each week.








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