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Traffic fatality program formed
Big Thicket Messenger - September 2008

Realizing that Liberty County’s Traffic Fatality rate was one of the highest in the State of Texas, the Liberty County Commissioners Court decided to create a traffic patrol program.

This program was implemented to increase traffic law enforcement and visibility of officers in hopes of decreasing fatality accidents in Liberty County.

The combined efforts of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, Department of Public Safety Troopers and our local Constables resulted in 10,253 traffic citations issued since October 1, 2007.

This was an increase of 1,649 traffic stops compared to the 8,604 during the previous year.

The results show a decrease in fatalities from 18 to 12 in the same nine-month reporting period. This is a 33% decrease in traffic related deaths.

Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald said, “I’ve always said we will never know who the six lives saved as a result of this patrol division were, but it could have been our family or neighbors.

“I am thankful for the decrease and hope the public understands our efforts. The Commissioners and I felt a year ago that this program could have a positive impact and also increase law enforcement visibility to our communities, helping to deter other types of crime,” Fitzgerald concluded.









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