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Hurricane IKE Hits East Texas
Big Thicket Messenger - September 2008

“Here we go again.” That’s the statement spoken by many Big Thicket area residents as we are again threatened by another Hurricane in the Gulf.

As of press time on Tuesday, September 9, there was a chance that Hurricane Ike could focus on the Texas coastline, enveloping a 250-mile radius from the Beaumont to Brownsville area.

Hurricane Ike comes on the heels of Hurricane Gustav who battered the Louisiana area, just east of New Orleans. The Golden Triangle area called for an early evacuation causing thousands to evacuate to areas north of the storm’s path.

Area counties were prepared in the event that Gustav had hit our area. Liberty County used many Department of Public Safety officers to control traffic flow and had emergency personnel ready and willing to help. Polk County had tons of ice and water, portable toilets and emergency personnel set up on Highway 59. State troopers also worked to control traffic at the intersections of Highway 146, 59, and 190. Many volunteers offered aid to stranded drivers.

Information was passed back and forth among the state and regional offices and from regional offices to county and city offices through the EOC during Hurricane Gustav and these same people are ready to offer their services again if the need arises.

Hurricane Ike had just entered the open waters of the Gulf on Tuesday and the entire state of Texas is in the cone of uncertainty and residents are urged to be watchful, and be prepared. As the Hurricane approaches the Texas coastline weather professionals state that it could be rated at a Category 3 with over 120-mile winds.  The Hurricane is expected to hit late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Residents who have a need of services should register with your county by calling 2-1-1.

Hurricane Ike may or may not come our way directly but Big Thicket Area residents are urged to be prepared to evacuate in the need of necessity. Texas residents should have plenty of water available, batteries, a manual can opener, canned goods, a tank full of gas, a  flashlight and a radio to keep up with the news should the Hurricane head our way.

If the Hurricane does not hit then we can thank the good Lord that we missed another one.









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