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Stories Added - July 30, 2007 - August 6, 2007
Copyright 2007 - Polk County Publishing Company

“Countdown To Cruise”
Big Thicket Messenger - July 2007

LifeShare Blood Center continues the give-away for the six cruises drawings to be held in July. “Countdown to Cruise” is a program designed to increase the public’s awareness of the number of lives that can be saved during the four-month long promotion.
All donors who has given blood any time between Thursday, March 15th and Sunday, July 15th, will be automatically entered in the drawing, which will be held Wednesday, July 18th. The cruises were donated by Rusty Knox of www.letsgocoastal.com.
“We’re celebrating LifeShare Blood Center’s 65th Anniversary this year,” said Debbie Madar, Southern Region Executive Director. “We wanted to do something from throughout LifeShare to celebrate our donors. ‘Countdown to Cruise’ is an opportunity to have fun and increase awareness of life-saving opportunities. The idea is to donate, help the community blood supply, may be win a cruise, and definitely be a hero!”
Established in Shreveport, Louisiana, in1942, LifeShare Blood Centers is the second oldest licensed blood center in the nation. LifeShare now has six locations throughout Louisiana and Southeast Texas. It serves 139 medical facilities in Louisiana, Southeast Texas, and Southeast Arkansas.
“Countdown to Cruise” drawing entries will automatically include those who donate blood or blood components; however, anyone may enter the drawing. Alternate means of entry and drawing rules are posted on LifeShare’s website at www.lifeshare.org  http://www.lifeshare.org/ One cruise winner will be drawn from entries at each LifeShare Blood Centers location.
“Whole blood donors are eligible to give blood every 56 days, so it’s possible for a donor to give blood three times during Countdown to Cruise and have his or her name automatically entered in the drawing three times,” said Debbie Madar. “A plasma donor may give every 28 days, and a platelet donor every 14 days. When you do the math, there’s lots of opportunity to get those automatic entries in the cruise drawing. “There’s a donation procedure that’s just right for everyone.”
Potential donors must be 17-75 years old, weight at least 110 lbs., know the name and doses of any medications taken, and should eat a good meal and increase fluid intake prior to donation. LifeShare Blood Centers is located at 4305 Laurel Street in Beaumont. To locate a convenient mobile blood drive, visit the LifeShare website at www.lifeshare.org http://www.lifeshare.org/, or call (409) 838-5289.
Liberty County drives contact Dorothy Nettles, Community Liaison, LifeShare Blood Center at (936) 298-2689.








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