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Big Thicket Messenger - Local News
Stories Added - June 19, 2007 - June 25, 2007
Copyright 2007 - Polk County Publishing Company

Letters to the Editor
Big Thicket Messenger - June 2007

Dear Friends:
Re: Renewal & Thanks
Enclosed is a check for renewal of our ‘Big Thicket Messenger’ subscription.
Enclosed are multiple thanks for printing the many Hardin School news articles complete with photographs. My philosophy is that students should learn to read and practice reading improves reading and awarding readers with field trips, etc. will encourage them to read more.

Anna Mae Veach
Hardin, Texas 77561

Dear Editor:
Re: Clean Texas
Join other organizations  that are committed to a cleaner future and become a part of Clean Texas. The goal of Clean Texas is to produce environmental improvements such as reducing air emissions, improving water quality, preventing pollution, and improving compliance. Member organizations are recognized for their efforts in continuously enhancing environmental performance and working closely with their communities. This free program is part of the TCEQ’s commitment to help organizations in Texas become environmental leaders.
Clean Texas is open to all types of organizations, including small businesses, schools, cities, and counties. There’s a participation level for everyone, each with different benefits and commitments. The higher the program level you commit to, the better the benefits you’ll receive for your efforts.
Clean Texas offers both support and rewards for performance. The program offers four levels of participation: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All members receive recognition, networking opportunities, and technical assistance. Silver, Gold and Platinum members can also receive regulatory incentives for participating.
Bronze Commitments:
* Measurable environmental improvement goals
* Community environmental service project
* Annual progress report on environmental goals
Silver Commitments:
* Certified  Environmental Management System (EMS)
* Compliance Assurance Goals
* Annual progress report on environmental goals set in EMS
Gold Commitments:
* Certified EMS
* Two environmental improvement goals
* Compliance Assurance goals
* Two community environmental projects
* Annual progress report
Platinum Commitments:
* Certified EMS
* Four environmental improvement goals
* Compliance Assurance goals
*  Three community environment projects
* Annual progress report

A site’s EMS should maintain or enhance compliance, decrease environmental risks, and promote pollution prevention. The TCEQ has developed A Model Environmental Management System For Local Governments (RG-437), A Guide To Developing An Environmental Management System for a Small Business (GI-304), and A Model Environmental Management System for a Small Business: Metal Finisher (GI-304A). These guidance documents were created to assist small businesses and local governments that are thinking of developing an EMS. They outline the basic EMS components and give examples of how to implement them. Call the SBLGA hotline at 800-447-2827 to request a free copy.
For additional information, please contact Kathy Coleman, Clean Texas coordinator, at (512) 239-5171 or kcoleman@aceq.state.tx.us or go to www.cleantexas.org.
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087

Dear Residents of the Big Thicket Lake Estates Subdivision::
Re: Important meeting
The BTLE POA will hold an important meeting on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. at the POA Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to address the need to petition Liberty and Polk Counties Commissioner Courts to hold an election under the TEXAS TRANSPORTATION CODE, CHAPTER 253, COUNTY IMPROVEMENT OF SUBDIVISON ROADS, to improve our subdivision roads bringing them up to County standards and to take over all future maintenance and care of the roads and right-of-ways.
I have visited with Commissioner Lee Groce and Commissioner Tommy Overstreet concerning this and both are willing to go forward and ask the Courts to hold an election. This is the only alternative that we have left to try to have decent roads to travel. The Commissioners agree to do all that is legal under the Transportation Codes and are willing to help in any way they can to make this happen.
This is a very important issue and all that are interested need attend the meeting. The POA sent letters in April asking for property owners to pay $60 in road maintenance dues to help support the road Maintenance program, 1,265 letters were sent out and of that number we received about $3,500 in road revenue, which translates into about 58 people who responded to the appeal letter, in short 4.5% of the property owners in this Subdivision care about the roads.
We did have three individuals that were doing the maintenance on our roads. One of the volunteers was unable to continue working, therefore we currently only have two people doing our road maintenance, using their own equipment and volunteering their time. They have been doing an incredible job of trying to keep our roads passable, but after last week’s heavy rains they have to start all over again. At the current rate we are fighting a losing battle.
The Office of Rural Community Affairs (ORCA) emergency grant has been finalized and on May 31st was sent to ORCA for approval. It is still in the works and hopefully will happen. The Emergency Watershed Program (EWP) through the USDA looks like it will be a go. However, if the ORCA grant fails so will the EWP Grant. Also the CDBG grant is still somewhere in cyber land, remember there are 22 counties vying for 20 million dollars.
Roads are no doubt the most important issue that we have and this meeting is probably the most important meeting we may face this year. This is your home, and you need to take an interest in this huge issue. I sincerely hope to see you at the next POA meeting.

John E. McDowell
Big Thicket Lake Estates
Rye, Texas 77369








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