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Stories Added - June 19, 2007 - June 25, 2007
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Educating Health Experts on Beef’s Nutrition
Big Thicket Messenger - June 2007

The beef you love is good for you too. Calorie for calorie, beef is one of the most naturally nutrient-rich foods available. In fact, there are 29 lean beef cuts that offer a variety of options to fit any lifestyle.
This is just an example of the science-based information about the benefits of beef that is being provided to influential health professionals and organizations by the Texas Beef Council (TBC). A nutrition advertising outreach effort is in full swing throughout the state focusing on nutrition and health professionals who have direct contact with consumers.
“It is important to reach health professionals because of the significant influence they have over people’s attitudes about nutrition and health,” said Shalene McNeill, R.D., PhD, senior nutrition communications manager for TBC. “Dietary advice from your doctor, dietitian, nurse or physician assistant is deemed very credible information and many consumers are largely influenced by this advice.”
One of the goals of the overall TBC nutrition program is to change or enhance behaviors and attitudes about beef’s nutritional and health benefits. A component of the program is to educate health professionals about beef through advertisements that will be placed in seven different health professional trade publications throughout the year.
The effort will reach nearly 100,000 health professionals across the state with advertisements appearing in Texas Medicine, Texas Academy of Physician Assistant’s Newsletter, Texas Academy of Family Physicians Magazine, Texas Nursing, IDEA Fitness Magazine, Texas D.O. Magazine and the Texas Nurse Practitioner’s Newsletter. These publications reach doctors, physician’s assistants, family physicians, residents, students, registered nurses, fitness professionals, osteopathic physicians, nurse practitioners and pre-professional nursing students.
“Through this advertising initiative, health professionals will become aware that today’s lean beef is a naturally nutrient-rich, lean protein source, power packed with vitamins and minerals making it an excellent component to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. McNeill.
For more information on beef nutrition, the Texas Beef Council and other beef programs, please visit www.texasbeef.org or call (800) 846-4113.









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