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San Jacinto News-Times - Local News
Stories Added -  August 2009
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Shepherd native produces energy from magnets
San Jacinto News- Times - August 2009

SHEPHERD – Shepherd native Steven Ward recently patented a way of producing usable mechanical and electrical energy, or torque and current, using magnets. “No one has ever claimed to produce energy from magnets until now. They teach that magnets are the lowest form on the scale to produce energy,” Ward said. Using what he refers to as “junk yard stuff” to demonstrate, Ward showed that magnetism can be manipulated for producing clean energy without combustion, fi re or anything other than magnetic fi elds. Setting his equipment up on a desk top, it appears to be a rudimentary electromagnetic turbine, which functions when an electric current is passed over a piece of metal creating a magnetic fi eld. The fi eld then spins a steel plate, creating energy that is then transferred down a shaft. The difference between Ward’s device and others lies in something that he says he discovered about magnetic fi elds. “Like most electromagnets, a metal core, wire coils and motion causing excited electrons to travel, which results in the collision of the magnets’ North and South Pole,” Ward said. “The collision of the poles results in the creation of two waves.” By moving the North and South poles, Ward demonstrates that he can harness the two waves.

“One is used to produce current, effectively powering the machine, and the other is used to produce torque, making it far more effi cient,” Ward said. “Changing the conditions causes different results, allowing me to use magnetism for the production of clean, renewable energy.” Maximum load is obtained by shorting out the machine. A tachometer indicates the shaft increasing in revolutions once a switch is fl ipped to short out the machine; however, the numbers Steven Ward demonstrates his process of producing usable mechanical and electrical energy using magnets. on the monitor showing the amount of energy the device is using begins to drop. “A coil with a lamp load applied takes less input while forward motion increases. When a maximum load is applied less energy is needed and forward motion increases, showing the more current taken from the coil, the less input is needed,” Ward said. In 2002, Ward demonstrated his fi nd to NASA. “They called it a tractor beam and then said they couldn’t do anything else for me because I didn’t have a doctorate,” Ward said. On July 17 of this year Ward demonstrated his invention to Kelly Milligan, manager of Texas A&M’s Energy Systems Laboratory’s Riverside Lab facility. “Milligan said it was a lot to take in,” Ward said. Furthering his attempts to bring attention to his invention and to show that there is another part to a magnetic fi eld that is not North or South, Ward said he has demonstrated to local schools in the county.

“If we do not teach others what we have learned, what good does it do for mankind?’ Ward said. Ward has been working on his invention since he was 16 years old at Shepherd High School. “When I presented the idea to my high school science teacher I was told to build it and patent it,” Ward said. On May 12, 2009, more than 30 years later, Ward was issued his U.S. Patent. For more information about Ward and his work go to his website at: http://www.energyingenuity. com/




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