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County proposing to move $109,000 from vehicle allowance into 13 salaries


COLDSPRING – When SanJacinto County Commissioners’Court meets on Sept. 5, fora public hearing on the fiscalyear 2012-2013 county budgetthey will also propose changinghow some elected officialsreceive their vehicle allowance.Thirteen elected officialsreceive a vehicle allowanceranging from a high of $12,000to a low of $1,650 annually. IfCounty Judge Fritz Faulknerand some others have theirway, $109,000 will be movedfrom their annual vehicleallowance into their annualsalary for the coming year,leaving taxpayers to pay additionalSocial Security, retirementand other benefits on that$109,000.San Jacinto County AuditorCarole Martin said, “Thebottom line is Internal RevenueService (IRS) says it has tobe done that way because it’staxable.”She added that it is very timeconsuming having to keep upwith the mileage on those whoget a vehicle allowance.County elected officialsreceiving a $12,000 annual vehicleallowance include JudgeFritz Faulkner, Pct. 1 CommissionerLaddie McAnally, Pct.2 Commissioner Donny Marrs,Pct. 3 Commissioner ButchMoody and Pct. 4 CommissionerMark Nettuno.Those receiving a $10,600annual travel allowance are allfour constables. Justices of thePeace are paid a travel allowanceof $1,650 annually.Additionally, the court willhold public hearings on Sept. 5and Sept. 10 on a proposed taxincrease.The county is proposing a7.18 percent total tax revenueincrease.The average taxable value ofa residence homestead in SanJacinto County last year was$77,308. Based on last year’stax rate of $.6376 per $100 oftaxable value, the amount oftaxes imposed last year on theaverage home was $492.92.The average taxable valueof a residence homestead inSan Jacinto County this year is$78,287. If the court adopts theeffective tax rate for this yearof .6376 per $100 of taxablevalue, the amount of taxes imposedthis year on the averagehome would be $499.16.The court will also hold apublic hearing on the abovedates to consider the proposed2012-2013 county budget.The proposed budget showsthe county spending over $14million with an income ofover $14 million in the generalfund.In the county’s road andbridge fund, Pct. 1 expectsto spend $723,456 with anincome of $723,457; Pct. 2expects to spend $754,529 withan income of $754,539; Pct.3 expects to spend $837,111with an income of $837,110;and Pct. 4 expects to spend$851,649 with an income of$851,650.


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