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C-OCISD working toward improvement


COLDSPRING – While bothColdspring-Oakhurst ConsolidatedIndependent School District(COCISD) and ShepherdIndependent School District(SISD) failed to meet AdequateYearly Progress (AYP) targetsthis year, COCISD is facingsome of the strictest sanctionsby the Texas EducationAgency.COCISD is facing Stage 3sanctions for not meeting standardsfor the past four years.Stage 3 requires the replacementof teachers and administratorsat the school andinstituting a new curriculum.All public school campuses,school districts and the stateare evaluated for AYP underthe accountability provisionsin the No Child Left BehindAct. They are required to meetAYP criteria on three measures:Reading/Language Arts,Mathematics and either graduationrate (for high schools and districts) or attendance rate (forelementary and middle/juniorhigh schools.)If a campus, district, or statethat is receiving Title I, Part Afunds fail to meet AYP for twoconsecutive years, that campus,district, or state is subject tocertain requirements such asoffering supplemental educationservices, offering schoolchoice, and/or taking correctiveactions.COCISD Superintendent Dr.LaTonya Goffney said administratorsare working hard toincrease scores.The school district wasrequired to contract with itsRegional Education ServiceCenter to conduct a DistrictSnapshot review to determinethe most effective professionaldevelopment activities to beimplemented.The District Snapshot providesdistricts with a profileof their current capacity andwill to support immediateand sustainable success by allstudents on all campuses. Usingmultiple data sources, theDistrict Snapshot examines alllevels of district operations, focusingon high performance byall students; implementation ofdistrict-wide standards-basedcurriculum framework, alignedassessment and high qualityinstruction; commitment tohighly quality staffing practices;utilization of comprehensivedata management andtechnology systems; implementationof effective communicationprocesses; engagementof family and communitymembers; focused operationalservices supportive of qualitylearning environments; andaddresses high achievement forstudents in alternative educationsettings.A summary of COCISD’s District Snapshot states, “Forthe 2011-2012 school year,the district has committed toredesigning their district andcampus improvement plans. Along-range strategic plan hasnot been created; however, inan interview with the superintendent,she discussed the needfor such a plan and shared thatshe is interested in exploringoptions to create this importantdocument.”The District Snapshot reportindicates that the district hasa rigorous teacher evaluationprocess in place and administratorsare conducting frequent,effective walk-throughs to focuson high quality instruction.As a weakness, the reportstates, “The district does nothave a long-range improvementplan in place. Without the3-5 year projection, the districtdoes not have the buildingblocks necessary to answer thequestions: Where is our districtgoing? Where should ourschool be going? How is ourschool going to get there?”The District Snapshotrevealed that some C-OCISDprograms appear to be overstaffedand other programsunderstaffed.“A careful analysis of individual,grade, department andprogram efficacy and value isneeded to determine if currentstaffing patterns and allocationsmeet the needs of thestudents,” the report states.Data management andtechnology systems should beprovided by the district.“Currently, it appears onlycentral office and campusleaders have fluency in usingDMAC. Consistent training ofall staff to disaggregate dataand make educational decisionsbased on the data willmove the district towards excellence,”the Snapshot reportstates.Commenting on how thedistrict got to Stage 3, Dr.Goffney said, “For the 2011-2012 school year, Texasimplemented a completelynew, more rigorous t00000est(STAAR/EOC). Our districtmade significant gains in severalareas such as 13 percentin reading and 16 percent inmath for our Special Educationstudent population. Weare working fervently to reachthe Federal NCLB’s expectationthat 100 percent of all ourstudents in all subgroups meetstandards in reading and mathby the 2013-2014 school year.”Goffney said, “In our district,we are passionate aboutmaking a difference in ourstudents’ lives. All of our staffmembers, including teachersand administrators, workdiligently every day. We arecommitted to ensuring thatour students graduate fromC-OCISD with choices andopportunities.”


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