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New firm picked for county audit
San Jacinto News- Times

COLDSPRING – In an attempt to save money, San Jacinto County Commissioners’ Court voted last week to employ a Lufkin auditing fi rm to perform the county’s 2009- 2010 audit. The auditing and bookkeeping fi rm that has conducted the county’s audits for several years proposed a $40,200 fee to do the audit, according to San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner. On the recommendation of San Jacinto County Auditor Carole Martin, commissioners voted to hire Lufkin based auditing and accounting fi rm of Todd, Hamaker and Johnson LLP at a fee of $27,000 plus out-of-pocket expenses. “I believe this fi rm would do the county a good job,” Martin said. “Houston County has used the fi rm for a number of years.” She said, “Dollar wise I recommend this audit fi rm to be the best.” In other business, commissioners approved a cooperative agreement with the City of Shepherd for the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Department sub-station located in the city. The agreement is the same as last year’s with the exception of running telephone lines which were added last year, installing accessible handicapped ramp, which was installed last year and installing locks which were added last year. “The sub-station is working out good,” San Jacinto County Sheriff James Walters said. Pct. 3 Commissioner Butch Moody was given the authority to make improvements to San Jacinto County Emergency Service District land which was purchased for the use of Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department through an inter-local agreement previously approved. “The land has already been cleared for the construction of a helipad,” Moody said. Moody said he would assist the volunteer fi re department in meeting their needs to get the helipad and some road work done from the helipad to the sub-station for an ambulance to travel. Any cost to the county will be billed to the San Jacinto County Emergency Services District. The use of county equipment might be needed. Commissioners gave approval to San Jacinto County Emergency Management Coordinator Judy Eaton to apply for a performance grant. Eaton said she applies for the state grant each year. Funds from the grant help to operate her department. An agreement for professional services with Texas Energy Contractors and Engineers for the SECO Energy Effi ciency Grant was also approved by commissioners. Explaining, Judge Faulkner said money from the $86,365 grant will be used to replace the air conditioning units in the county courthouse. “Work on the air system will probably get started next week,” Faulkner said. Breaking the grant down, Faulkner said $6,045 of the total grant money has been spent of consultants, with $80,320 budgeted for equipment. The county accepted a low bid of $73,100 to do the job. “This leaves us wriggle room of $7,000,” Faulkner said. Commissioners voted to proclaim February as Black History Month. `Supporting recycling, commissioners voted to approve a resolution in support of the passage of state legislation requiring take back recycling of mercury containing products; approved a resolution in support of the passage of state legislation requiring producers of televisions and other electronics to participate in producer take back recycling; and voted to approve a resolution in support of the passage of state legislation establishing a recycling refund system for beverage containers. “Numerous Texas counties have already passed the resolutions which will be presented to the legislature to show support for recycling,” Faulkner said. Commissioners approved a bid totaling $15,331 for construction of a 40 x 60 foot metal building kit. “Our people will put it up,” Faulkner said. The metal building will be located on property where the old abandoned Precinct 1 metal county barn is located on Slade Street near the courthouse. “It’s ready for ya’ll to start demolition,” Faulkner said, referring to the old barn. A total of $27,500 was approved for the purchase of a lot adjoining the county’s maintenance building across the street from the county courthouse. The lot is needed for the construction of a proposed county shelter.


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