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San Jacinto News-Times - Local News
Stories Added -  January 2009
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Trans-Texas Corridor network discontinued
San Jacinto News- Times - January 2009

SHEPHERD – The Trans-Texas Corridor no longer exists as it is known, announced Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation Amadeo Saenz Jr., Tuesday. Meeting in Austin, Saenz said the corridor network has been dropped and will be replaced with a plan to carry out road projects at an incremental, modest pace. The announcement came about in response to public outcry against the Trans-Texas Corridor. Shortly after the announcement, Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said, “Given the overwhelming public opposition to the Trans-Texas Corridor, this decision makes sense. As a fast-growing state, Texas has many mobility challenges still facing us. I look forward to working from the federal level with TxDOT to move critical regional projects forward, like bringing U.S. Highway 59 up to interstate standards through east Texas.” No longer known as the Trans-Texas Corridor, operation of the project will be conducted under the name, “Innovative Connectivity Plan.” According to Saenz, the state will continue to pursue various projects, including the Interstate 69 project. If more lanes are needed along U.S. Hwy. 59, the state will widen the roadway. The corridor proposal called for a network of corridors linking major cities with toll roads for cars and trucks, rail tracks for freight and passenger trains and space for pipelines and power lines. Over the past year, thousands of residents attended public meetings to question and show opposition to the plan, complaining it would take too much private land and bring traffi c and crime to small towns and rural areas.


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