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Burn ban amended to allow outdoor grilling
San Jacinto News- Times

COLDSPRING – An amendment to allow cooking on outside barbecue pits with closed tops was made to the county’s order prohibiting outdoor burning last week by San Jacinto County Commissioners’ Court. County businessman John Few spoke to the court during open forum saying that tourism, which his marina business depends on, has been hurt by the ban on using outdoor barbecue pits. “While I understand your reason for the burn ban, I’m asking that you reconsider it. We’ve lost business because of it and need it rectifi ed,” Few said. The original order banned all outdoor burning in the unincorporated areas of the county for 60 days from the date of its adoption on June 14 unless the restrictions are terminated earlier based on a determination made by the Texas Forest Service or commissioners’ court. The amended order is affective beginning July 11. Coldspring resident Billie Jo Trapp discussed changing the location of the proposed San Jacinto County Community Center. The county has proposed building on to the back of the county elections building, creating a metal building which would act as a public community center across the street from the county courthouse. “That area is the only parking area left in Coldspring. On days when a jury is being picked it’s fi lled. It’s a terrible proposal location for building,” Trapp told the court. “What happened to the onehalf million dollar property across the street? There’s about four acres just sitting there where the jail was expanded,” she said. “That would be a wonderful place for a community center.” Trapp also suggested that the community center be constructed on the parking lot next to the election building. “Leave the parking area for our town,” she pleaded. “I think it can be rethought. There are a lot of people opposed to it. I would like to hear your comments.” Following a moment of silence, San Jacinto County Judge Pro-tem Mark Nettuno, conducting the meeting in County Judge Faulkner’s absence, said, “We have the engineer here, I don’t know if he has any comments.” The discussion then went from the location of the community center to the looks of the proposed building as Trapp encouraged the court to conform to a city ordinance that requires buildings around the courthouse square have the same façade as the older buildings constructed in the early 1920’s. A representative of Texas CLASS Investments, on behalf of San Jacinto County Treasurer Angie Beard, gave the court a presentation of his investment company and what they could do for the county. According to the representative, Texas CLASS is a local government investment pool emphasizing safety, liquidity, convenience and competitive yield. Since 1996, Texas CLASS has provided Texas public entities a safe and competitive investment alternative. Texas CLASS invests only in securities allowed by the Texas Public Funds Investment Act. Texas CLASS carries a letter of credit that ensures the integrity of the fund, making it the only investment pool in Texas backed by a letter of credit. The county currently uses TexPool as its investment provider. There was no action taken on the discussion item. The low bid of $554,442 was accepted by the court from A & A Electric of Beaumont to install 11 generators for water utility companies throughout the county. The generators are part of the county’s 2008 Texas Department of Rural Affairs Hurricane Ike 1 Disaster Project funds. Work on installing the generators should begin in about three weeks and be completed within 120 days. The court approved the continuance of an inter-local cooperation contract with Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) for the county’s building that DPS is using for office space on FM 2025. The court voted to appoint Col. Howard Daniel of Livingston as a member of the board of trustees for the Burke Center for a two year term.


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