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Marijuana seized, burglars arrested
San Jacinto News- Times - June 2008

COLDSPRING – U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement offi cers from Conroe along with help from the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Department confi scated about 3,850 marijuana plants Monday and Tuesday of this week. The marijuana plants were growing in the Sam Houston National Forest, located in the vicinity of FM 945 and FM 2025, according to San Jacinto County Sheriff Lacy Rogers. Street value of the plants could be valued at hundred’s of thousands of dollars, according to Rogers. Law enforcement offi cers are continuing an investigation in an attempt to arrest owners of the plants.

Burglars arrested
A rash of burglaries in San Jacinto County was cleared this week with the arrest of two Conroe suspects. San Jacinto County Sheriff Lacy Rogers said Deputy Cheyenne Liscomb single-handedly captured the pair as they were leaving the county with a load of stolen items. Arrested and charged with a variety of offenses, including family violence, were Tiffany Pearson, 24, and Harry Hadlock, Jr., 34. Sheriff Rogers said the pair is suspected of burglarizing storage facilities in Shepherd and Coldspring. “While attempting to burglarize a barn at a residence on FM 945, Coldspring, the female homeowner approached the pair with a .22 rifl e. Hadlock jerked the gun away from her and pointed the rifl e at her warning her not to call 911,” Rogers said.

As Pearson and Hadlock were attempting to leave the county, Deputy Liscomb pulled their vehicle over and made the arrest. Besides a variety of burglary charges, Hadlock was also charged on a family violence assault. “As Pearson and Hadlock were leaving Shepherd with a load of stolen items from a storage facility some of the items fell off the trailer. Hadlock beat Pearson, who had two black eyes, for not tying the items on the trailer better,” Rogers said. Pct. 3 Justice of the Peace Randy Ellisor set bond at $178,000 with additional charges pending on Hadlock. Pearson’s bond was set at $50,000.




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