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SHS principal named
San Jacinto News- Times - June 2008

SHEPHERD – The resignation of Shepherd High School Assistant Principal Jimmy Meekins was accepted Monday night so he could be named to the position of principal by members of the school board. Meekins served as assistant principal to Jody Cronin. Cronin accepted the position of Shepherd Independent School District Superintendent last month, leaving the position of high school principal vacant. Chip Keel, former teacher and coach at SHS, was appointed to the position of assistant principal. A motion to approve increased school meal prices was approved by board members.

Prices for primary and intermediate students will increase from $1.50 to $1.75 for lunch and adult lunch prices will increase to $2.75 and adult breakfast prices will increase to $1.50. Superintendent Jody Cronin was appointed as a school investment offi cer by members of the board. Board members also gave Cronin the authority to pursue the organization of the Shepherd ISD Police Department. A motion to approve the use of the law fi rm Bracewell and Giuliani for general legal services was passed. During informational items and reports, Coach Hanks informed the board that sports camps started Monday.

He was pleased that a licensed athletic trainer and a head baseball coach will be presented for board approval at Monday night’s meeting. Presenting a construction update, Michelle Dudley informed the board that all approved projects are on schedule fi nancially and on time. It appears that the projects are on track to be completed within the estimated budget, even with anticipated construction infl ation. Pictures of the primary and middle school construction were shown and it was reported that the dirt work at the middle school has been completed and work on the gym insulation is underway. Also, at the primary school, work on the gym is underway.

The Southwest Securities representative reported that Shepherd should qualify for IFA (Instructional Facilities Allotment) funds based on the current Texas Education Agency (TEA) formula. A decision from TEA on this issue is expected shortly after July 15. This will allow Shepherd ISD to sell $6 million of the approved bonds early and save on infl ation of construction costs. During executive session, board members approved the hiring of Lea Allis, Shauna Emola, Misty Stelly, Mashella Brown, Jennifer Smith and Matthew Quick, while accepting the resignations of Brandy Headlee, Douglas Wiggins, Sally Elster, Shea Bolton, Jimmy Meekins and Chip Keel.

Approval of currently scheduled pay step increases for all employees for 2008-2009 was approved through a motion made by John Page and seconded by Mike Courvelle. The administrative pay schedule is to remain based upon 2006-2007 teacher pay scales. The business manager position was elevated to the 1.30 factor pay scale through a motion made by Mike Courvelle and seconded by John Page. The Board discussed the current schedule of employee stipends for additional duties. No action for change was taken. The Board conducted a review of the Athletic Director’s performance and evaluation, with no action taken. The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 21, at 7 p.m.



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