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Locals attend Republican convention
San Jacinto News- Times - June 2008

HOUSTON – The Republican state convention opened last Thursday in Houston with about seven delegates from San Jacinto County attending. During the event, 137 delegates to represent Texas at the Republican National Convention were selected, including three delegates from each of the state’s 32 congressional districts and 41 at-large delegates. The agenda for the three-day event included a vote on state party offi - cials, discussion of policy and draft of a party platform, caucus meetings and training sessions, all for the purpose of getting the party behind GOP presidential candidate John McCain. A topic that caught the attention of many during the convention was that of the state business tax made law with the support from Republican Gov. Rick Perry.

Deadline for paying the new business tax was June 16. Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has called the tax an abject failure. The business tax was adopted during a 2006 special session to revamp the state’s method of paying for public schools. Property tax relief that also was adopted was supposed to offset the higher taxes for businesses. Many expressed concern the business tax would cost seats for the Republican Party in the upcoming election. Among delegates reportedly attending the convention from San Jacinto County were Betty Westbrook, Mary Wilkerson, Barbara Foxworth, Mike and Dianne Griffi n, Taffy Durfee and Kevin Pagoda.



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