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Local woman drives more than 1 million miles before retiring
San Jacinto News- Times - June 2008

COLDSPRING -- A San Jacinto County mail delivery woman recently retired after serving the Cleveland- Coldspring area fi ve days a week for 30 years. Cheryl Lott, 62, has worn out six delivery trucks, driven over one million miles and never had a single accident, although the red dirt roads of her delivery route sometimes caused problems for Lott. “It had moments of stress because the dirt roads could get really slick sometimes. I was driving with one hand on the wheel, one hand delivering mail and my left foot for the gas and break, all while sitting in the middle of the seat. It could get pretty hairy,” Lott said. Lott did much more than deliver mail. She checked on elderly customers that she knew were sick and picked up medicine from the pharmacy for people who could not make it to town.

Lott also delivered school supplies, Christmas presents and Easter baskets to kids on her route who would not get them otherwise. “I love everybody and I’ve always tried to put people fi rst; but it’s time for me to go. I mean, it gets real hot inside that car,” Lott said. One summer it was 108 degrees inside her mail truck and Lott still delivered the mail. Sometimes, she even worked in her sleep. “I had dreamed that I was delivering mail driving in reverse the whole way. Another time, I dreamed that I couldn’t fi nd my route and drove all day long looking for my fi rst mail box,” Lott said. To celebrate her retirement, Lott and her husband, Gary, hope to go on a cruise. Sam Houston’s Grocery on FM 945 in Cleveland will host a farewell party for Lott on Saturday, June 14, from 2 to 5 p.m. All are invited and, instead of gifts, donations toward Lott’s cruise are appreciated.




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