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San Jacinto News-Times - Local News
Stories Added -  June 2009
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Local author to speak at annual library event
San Jacinto News- Times - June 2009

COLDSPRING -- Local author Sue Miller will be the presenter at the annual Coldspring Area Public Library’s Book Review. The event is scheduled for July 9, at 2 p.m. at the Coldspring Community Center. In addition to the book review, the event will include a dessert party, a silent auction and a raffl e. Sue Miller has two driving forces in her life: nursing and writing. Although she is retired from nursing, she still works part-time as a case manager for St. Joseph’s Hospital. She says she has put so much of her life’s energy into this career that she cannot imagine “not being a nurse.” Her other passion is writing. She has written since she was 10 years old. Her fi rst literary creation was a 60-page novel. The busy years of her life, professionally and as a spouse/ parent, did not allow much time to pursue her writing passion, but retirement has allowed her time to explore it again. To her, writing is essential to life, “kind of like breathing.” Her latest published work is a short story about a family pet named Baron von Muttenheimer, more comm o n l y known as “ M u t l e y. ” The story is part of a collection of stories in the anthology A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers: Stories That Celebrate Love, Loyality and Companionship. “I like to experience as much as I can,” said Miller. “My two favorite things right now are laughing and white water rafting!” She has even auditioned to be a contestant on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Come to the Coldspring Community Center on July 9, and laugh with Sue.



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