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Father indicted for killing his son and wounding his daughter
San Jacinto News- Times

COLDSPRING – A Canadian citizen was indicted in San Jacinto County Friday on charges of capital murder and attempted capital murder and alternative charges of murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Predrag Perisic, 56, was arrested last December for shooting to death his 10-year-old son Deyan Perisic and seriously wounding his 12-year-old daughter Danyela. Explaining the four indictments against Perisic, San Jacinto County Criminal District Attorney Richard Countiss said, “In addition to the capital murder charge and attempted capital murder charge against Perisic, alternative indictments were issued for murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The alternative charges will insure that, if found guilty, Perisic will spend the remainder of his life behind bars, provided that we are not able to try him on a capital murder charge.” In seeking a capital murder charge it must be proven that Perisic kidnapped his children. “There may be a problem proving that because of Quebec court documents in the custody case of his children in their parent’s divorce,” Countiss said. A Quebec court order had been issued for him to return the two children to the custody of their mother, Vera Vucerakovich, in Montreal. Countiss said one of the documents expired fi ve days before the shooting and since that time, other documents received indicate that the custody order had, in fact, been extended and was in effect at the time of the shooting. “Other issues keep coming up also,” Countiss said. The alternative indictments of murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon give back-up that could be used instead of the capital murder and attempted capital murder charges should Perisic and his attorney have the capital charges quashed because the Quebec documents are deemed unclear or not strong enough proof that a kidnapping took place, Countiss said. Countiss indicated that he would seek the death penalty if possible. The kidnapping charge will be handled by a prosecutor in Harris County since that is where Perisic was residing and where the custody case was filed. According to records, Perisic was charged Nov. 5, 2010 with interference with child custody in Harris County. The complaint accused Perisic of failing to return his children Nov. 3, 2010 to their mother, a resident of La Porte, who had been granted custody of the children by a Superior Court in the Province of Quebec. Perisic brought his two children to San Jacinto County around that time, staying at a friend’s house at 21 Red Bird Lane in Holiday Shores when the Dec. 13, 2010 murder occurred. Deyan was pronounced dead in a Livingston emergency room from a single gunshot wound to the left side of his face. His sister, Danyela, was flown by medical helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston, where she recovered from her gunshot wounds. Perisic remains in the San Jacinto County Jail on a $1 million bond, awaiting a trial date.


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