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FFA students recognized for work
San Jacinto News- Times

SHEPHERD – More than 200 attended the annual Shepherd FFA Banquet held last Thursday evening recognizing members for the work they’ve accomplished during the past year and installing new offi cers for the coming year. “This year I am personally impressed with the many accomplishments that have come from this outstanding chapter,” said Shepherd FFA President Danielle Coker. The student receiving the highest award an FFA member can receive at the state level was Taylor Milner who was honored with the Lone Star Degree award. The award is given to the outstanding third year member who has worked throughout the three years which they have been in FFA. “Jesse Campbell and Tyler Caughman will also be receiving their Lone Star degrees at the State FFA Convention in July,” said FFA member Jacob Sparks as he presented Milner with her Lone Star Degree. Each year the FFA recognizes a student who has gone above and beyond expectations. “The Chapter’s Most Valuable Person (MVP) this year is an individual who has attended numerous activities and been there to help when needed,” said FFA Treasurer Lauren Russell as she presented the award to Dylan Henry for his continuous passion and dedication the Shepherd FFA Chapter. The Texas State Florists’ Association has developed the Texas High School Certifi cation program. The program allows school districts to provide more value to their diploma and helps provide young, enthusiastic fl oral designers to meet the retail fl orist needs. Students who earned their certifi cations this year are Danielle Coker, Brandon Cronin, Paige Holden, Wrigley Mixon, Lauren Russell, Tullina Wilson and Charley Vandver. Brandon Fuller was the recipient of the Ag Mechanics award. Students who exhibited an animal during the major livestock shows, including the San Jacinto County Fair and Rodeo include Kaitlyn Shrader, Crystal Wilson, Tullina Wilson, Tyler Kolek, Luis Cruz, Jose Cruz, Taylor Milner, Shadow Jones, Hayden Smith, Tyler Kolek, Jacob Sparks, Kaitlyn Shrader, Ethan Lowe, Hayden Smith, Brandon Cronin, Tiffany Salisbury, Hagen Kelso, Douglas Lilley, Eric Johnston, Josh Courvelle, Cody Everitt and Tullina Wilson. Chapter FFA pens are awarded to second year high school FFA members. These students are usually sophomores and have chosen to continue their FFA membership for a second year. Those receiving pens are David Bross, Amber Caldwell, Brandon Cronin, Wrigley Mixon, Paige Holden, Ethan Lowe, Dustin Moreno, Trent Pennington, David Rice, Lauren Russell, Dane Schubert, Christina Creel, Luis Cruz, Cody Everitt, John Watson, Cody Moreno, Kyle Nepveux, Ryan Reeves, Brittany Runyon, Tiffany Salisbury, Eric Gonzales, Blake Sprinkles, Amber Walulik, Bryan Wilkerson and Tullina Wilson. The Chapter FFA Degree is given to a second year agricultural student who demonstrates the best ability not only promoting themselves, but also the chapter. Brandon Cronin received the award and will be competing at the state record book check in June at Angelo State University. The Star Greenhand Degree is awarded to a fi rst year agricultural student who has a strong project program and is an active participant in FFA. This year’s Star Greenhand was awarded to Hayden Smith. Greenhand FFA pens are awarded to fi rst year high school FFA members. Those receiving these pens are Triston Hammon, Kaitlyn Shrader, Heaven Spann, Ashlyn Roberts, Hayden Smith, Randy Griffi n, Axzel McKinnon, Eric Johnston, Felix Gonzales, Travis Rerich, William Coleman, Katy Adams, Hanna Gustafson, Haley Watson, Kevin Stephens, Jance Guynes, Tyler Kolek, Rachell Lovell, Rebekah Courvelle, Shyla WetShyla Wetmore, Morgan Dillon, Amber Bayse, Korra Stephens, Josh Courvelle and Brittany Fuller. The San Jacinto Area Go Texan Scholarship recipients include Jocob Sparks, Charley Vandver, Hagen Kelso and Shadow Jones. Brook Hale was recognized as the Houston Go Texan scholarship recipient. The Shepherd FFA Alumni awarded $5,000 in scholarship money to five students. The scholarship winners selected this year are Danielle Coker, Dylan Henry, Jacob Sparks and Charley Vandver. The Texas FFA scholarship was awarded to Danielle Coker. To receive a proficiency award a person must show hard work and dedication to a project throughout the year. Excelling in their specific project areas are Kaitlyn Shrader for Heifer Production Proficiency; Jacob Sparks for Steer Production Proficiency; Douglas Lilley for Swine Production Proficiency; Brandon Cronin for Sheep Production Proficiency and Dane Schubert for Specialty Proficiency. Paige Holden was honored for placing second at district in speaking development events. Lauren Russell placed second at the district contest in Soil Stewardship Prepared Public Speaking. Dustin Moreno was elected president at the Sam Houston District Convention. He earned the position by taking a test over FFA knowledge, interviewing and giving a speech on stage for a vote. Jose Cruz represented the Shepherd FFA on the talent team by performing two songs. FFA students recognized for their judging events include Hayden Smith, Hagen Kelso, Eric Johnston and Shyla Wetmore for Livestock Judging Team; Heaven Spann, Tyler Caughman, Cody Everitt and Dustin Moreno for Horse Judging Team; Lauren Russell, Dustin Moreno, Trent Pennington, Brandon Cronin and Eric Johnston for Forestry Team; Tullina Wilson, Wrigley Mixon, Paige Holden and Amber Caldwell for Floriculture Judging Team; Amber Walulik, Taylor Milner, Brandon Fuller and Dylan Henry for Dairy Foods; Axzel McKinnon, Josh Courvelle, Hayden Smith and Kyle Bierfrued for the Range Team. The annual fruit and meat sale helps the FFA to promote agriculture within the community, develop people skills and show leadership. A major portion of FFA funds come from this sale. Tyler Caughman was recognized as the top seller and Brandon Cronin received second place. Leadership development events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Recognized for public relations are Rachel Daughtery, Kori Keeling, Morgan Dillon and Hanna Gustafson who placed seventh at the district contest. The Senior Chapter conducting team consisting of Paige Holden, Tulina Wilson, Brandon Cronin, Lauren Russell, Amber Walulik, Dustin Moreno, Rebekah Courvelle and Tiffany Salisbury received fourth place at district for their re-enactment of an official chapter meeting in front of several judges. The Farm Radio Team consisting of Amber Caldwell, Taylor Milner and Brook Hale placed seventh at district with their presentation of the use of bovine somatotropin or bST in dairy cattle and whether it is safe for human consumers and worth the cost for dairy farmers through a radio program. The Junior Quiz Team is a group of individuals that have shown an abundance of knowledge about FFA. Recognized for their knowledge of FFA were Lauren Russell, Danielle Coker, Jesse Campbell and Jacob Sparks. The FFA Creed tells us that American agriculture is all about looking toward the future, working hard, leadership from ourselves and the tradition it holds us to. The junior creed speaker is Axzel McKinnon who placed fifth at district and the senior creed speaker is Danielle Coker who placed fourth at district. The Skills Demonstration Team consists of three to five members who perform an actual demonstration of an agricultural skill. The junior and senior teams demonstrated how to wire trailer lights using effective public speaking and communication methods. Junior team members include Azxel McKinnon, Josh Courvelle, Jance Guynes and Hayden Smith. Senior team members include Brandon Cronin, Dustin Moreno, Tullina Wilson and Trent Pennington. Both teams placed fourth at the district contest. In Job Interview Paige Holden prepared a resume, job application and participated in an interview via telephone, in person one-on-one and with a panel of possible employers. She placed third at district. New 2011-2012 Shepherd FFA officers were installed before the meeting adjourned. New officers are President Brandon Cronin, Vice President Dustin Moreno, Second Vice President Paige Holden, Secretary Amber Walulik, Treasurer Tullina Wilson, Reporter Lauren Russell, Sentinel Taylor Milner and Historian Jance Guynes.


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