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San Jacinto News-Times - Local News
Stories Added - November 2008
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Obama’s win fulfills dream of many
San Jacinto News- Times - November 2008

COLDSPRING – Recalling how she felt when she heard the news of President-Elect Barack Obama’s win last Tuesday, Judy Eaton said, “Really emotional with great pride in Obama and how amazing it is to see this happen.” Eaton, San Jacinto County 911 Addressing coordinator, said she recalled something that Martin Luther King said many years ago. “He told us it was going to happen. Not in his lifetime, but it was going to happen and told us to stay proud. I am proud. Proud that it is bringing all of us together for a much needed change. I knew someday somebody of color would get elected but I didn’t think I would live to see it. I am so proud of Obama,” Eaton said. “I have so many emotions right now. Our young people can say and believe it is possible. This is such a great place to live,” she said. “I am just so proud of Obama and his whole family. Everybody will have a chance now, not just the rich. It’s such a great thing,” Eaton said. Recalling the past, Eaton said, “I can remember having to go in the back doors of businesses and not being able to eat in restaurants with others. Life is good and it’s amazing to see this.” Eaton said she is praying everything rebounds and the country does great. “Change is not going to come over night. I hope everyone realizes that,” she said. Altha Mae Davison has lived her entire life in San Jacinto County. Contrary to others, the retired school teacher said she didn’t cry when hearing of Obama’s win. “I already had my cry. I remember when my daddy voted for the fi rst time and the stares he received. Daddy said I will vote. It’s my time to speak and let my opinion be known. I’m just sorry that my daddy didn’t live to see this,” Davison said. “I expected to see Obama win,” she said. “I would have cried had he lost.” Davison said she admired the way Obama conducted his campaign. “I feel he’s going to do the best he can and I feel certain he will be a president for everybody and I respect those who didn’t vote for him,” Davison said. “I admire his wife and think they are the ideal couple to make a transition of race in the White House. It’s not the color of your skin but the quality of the person,” she said. San Jacinto County Democratic Chairman Richard Countiss said Obama’s election emphasis two high shifts in our national electoral process: (1) Demographics changed major cities. Suburban areas and a large part of the Western U.S. now have populations with a centrist to liberal view of government. (2) I think largely to Obama’s campaign the level of participation in our governmental process has increased signifi cantly with the addition of millions of people as voters and active participation in the election campaign. “From my view as a Democrat this creates both opportunity and danger. If Senator Obama can lead us out of this incredible mess he has inherited and restore the economy and international prestige then the Democrats have a chance to remain the majority party for a signifi cant time. If not, we will lose goodwill and the opportunity we now have. For the presant, Senator Obama’s election says to the rest of the world we want a new kind of leadership, that we can ignore a candidate’s skin color and that we can vote on the basis of a candidate’s qualifi cations. Good for us,” Countiss said.


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